Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#baseballwifelife Spring Training Visit

[[Disclaimer: I am terrible about taking my camera with me when I go on trips.  This time I actually remembered, but I didn't take it out of the case once.  I honestly didn't really take many pictures at all! This will be something I work on throughout this season! ]]

Sorry about the lack of blogging this past week.  I was lucky enough to travel out to Arizona for the week to visit D.J. and friends for Spring Training. I have been to Arizona before (October 2012 and April 2013) to visit but never during Spring Training.  It is a whole different experience.  It kind of felt like the entire state of Ohio up and moved to Goodyear, AZ to watch the Indians. The trip started out a little rough because the whole east coast was getting hit with a snowstorm on Monday when we both were supposed to leave.  Luckily, D.J.'s connection was in Charlotte so he was able to get out.  Unfortunately I was flying through DC and couldn't make it there.  I was booked on the first flight out Tuesday morning (which was fine).  I can't ever say I have taken off with this out the window in Norfolk before!

Norfolk International Airport, snow

Then of course, I missed my flight in Chicago because lets be serious, who ever makes their connection in Chicago?! I finally arrived in Phoenix around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.  Maria was so sweet to come pick me up from the airport and I was so excited to see her and the little baby growing inside her belly! We went straight to the Indians Complex to pick up Eric and D.J.  It was so good to see him even though it had been less than a day.  I met a few new guys and saw some familiar faces from last season. After we picked them up, we grabbed some lunch and went back to the apartment.  The place they are staying is SO nice! Beautiful pool, awesome kitchen, 2 bedrooms and baths, and a nice outside patio on the first floor.

Arizona, Goodyear, Spring Training, Indians

Arizona, Goodyear, Spring Training, Indians

Arizona, Goodyear, Spring Training, Indians

They live right next to a huge park with a great walking trail. The rest of the trip was pretty relaxing.  We woke up every morning and took the boys to the field, came back and either watched TV or worked out. The guys usually were finished between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. so we would go back and pick them up then.  One day we spent the afternoon watching the Big League game against the Cubs! We were so excited that Jake got to play it was so worth not laying at the pool that day!

Arizona, Goodyear, Spring Training, Indians, Jake Lowery

Most days we would go back to the apartment and just hang by the pool.  For dinner we tried to eat at the house.  One night we had burgers, another we had pasta (made from the Italian herself!) and some baked chicken.

 The first night I got there we met up with Chelsea and Daniel at Texas Roadhouse! Daniel played with D.J. in summer ball a few years ago and I met his wife through some baseball groups! It was so good to finally meet both of them and the food was obviously delicious! Needless to say, the trip was awesome and I could really get used to the lifestyle of being a baseball wife that actually travels. More on that in the next #baseballwifelife post. Also- I recently was introduced to #milbfamily and love that all our pictures can be documented and seen together! Can't wait to use this when the season starts! So far, on the baseball side of things, D.J. is feeling very confident.  His arm is feeling great and having a full year under his belt makes ST that much easier.  The next three weeks can't go by fast enough so we can find out where he will be playing!

The flight home was not terrible.  Super early, but it was nice to be home by 3:30. It was pretty cool to see the change in landscape as we flew across country.  The best view by far was the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Obviously there is a special place in my heart for this area!

And after a long trip back home, my dad and I made a trip to the Navy Base to see Ride Along and this was the most beautiful sunset ever!

Spring Training visit 2014 is in the books and now the waiting game has begun! Everyone keep D.J. in your thoughts as he works his butt off!!

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  1. I've never had luck connecting in Chicago either :(

    Beautiful place they're staying at...I'm sure you enjoyed every second!


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