Thursday, February 27, 2014

#tbt: Wedding Reception

To be quite honest, our wedding reception was by far the most fun party I have ever been at! Clearly I am a little bias, but it was pretty awesome.  Everything turned out exactly how I wanted it.  Everyone we cared about was there and we were so honored to have so many friends and family there.

We were introduced to "Swing" by Trace Atkins and similar to the sword arch that Navy weddings have, we used a bat arch! Courtesy of Mr. Jake Lowery for the bats! 

Our first day was "Better Half" by Keith Urban.  We both have loved that song throughout our relationship and I think it explains our life perfectly.  My favorite line of the song is "Behind every man is a good woman, but I think that's a lie. 'Cuz when it comes to you I'd rather have you by my side." Dancing with D.J. is not an easy task.  It is exhausting to look up at him the whole time! We can't have those cute little kisses, we can't talk to one another, so we cut the song a little short!

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It isn't that great of a picture of me, but I love how he captured the father daughter dance with D.J. and his mom in the background. 

t went to the tasting.  I had previously tried a cupcake and knew that they were delicious.  Carla, the owner is by far the sweetest and easiest lady to work with.  She started the business when she was 50 because sh

We went with cupcakes from Just Cupcakes and they were fabulous! I was sold on them before we evene wanted to do something new.  She has now been on Cupcake Wars three times and has two stores in the Virginia Beach area.  The wire letters on top were made by Kendall (of course) and spray painted with silver glitter.  We did these the night before the wedding! 

After people took their name cards, the table was transformed to the wedding favors and ribbon send off! We had koozies as our give away and since the Navy base does not allow sparklers, we improvised and made ribbon pom-poms with bells on them!

All the signs you see were designed by Kendall and the fabric came from no one other than Kendall. Needless to say, all the decorations and detail of the reception would have been boring without her.

Julie and Bradley did a great job on their toasts.  I loved hearing how our relationship has grown in their eyes.

We took a JMU Dukes picture with the flag!

Of course we had to do a little "Hitch" dance move show for our guests!

The bouquet toss was so fun! It was so surreal because the last time I caught the bouquet at a wedding, I got proposed to within 5 minutes! We always joked that it would be fun to see our friends do the same thing! However, neither Conner nor Jake were ready to pop the question! Karlyn, who caught the bouquet got proposed to by Jake on New Years Eve

Our 6 year old cousin Liam caught the garter! Ironically, his father caught the garter at my parents wedding!

The rest of the reception got a little crazy.  Boys shirts were coming unbuttoned, people were on shoulders, I had glow sticks in my hair, and dance moves were being busted! We ended the night at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown with a beautiful view of the Elizabeth River.  It was a great night!


  1. Looks like such a fun reception! I love your dress - it's so pretty! The ribbon send off is a great idea. I love that it's unique - I don't think I've seen that before :)

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  3. Nice photos. Hope you had great fun! Where was your reception held at? My sister's marriage has been fixed next year. My parents have already started its preparations and it's my duty to find out the wedding hall.
    Can anyone suggest me a beautiful wedding banquet hall in Toronto?

  4. Truly, your all preparations are different then I have seen in other weddings. Also, you are looking fabulous. I am happy that it you had enjoyed your memorable day. Dance moves show at your wedding is just unique, I loved that truly. Your venue is beautiful, and I am also finding venue space nyc for my party. Please help me if you know any?

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