Friday, February 28, 2014

5 for Friday!

Excited to be linking up again for another 5 for Friday post with Carolina Charm and ladies! As many of you know, D.J. and I head out to Spring Training on Monday! We plan to spend the last weekend at home enjoying family, getting a couples massage, and cleaning the house- how fun!  I am so lucky that I am able to go out for the first week and get a little taste of the warm weather.  Today's 5 I am loving are Arizona focused!


one. warm weather
I haven't seen those numbers on a thermometer since St. Lucia and this girl is in some desperate need of vitamin D.

two. seeing friends
Last year, I was so fortunate to meet a few other ladies that have husbands on the team with D.J.  Maria, who is married to Eric Haase, has been out there since the beginning of February so I am excited to see her again! Last time I saw her she was skinny minny and now she is 7 months pregnant!! I am so excited to welcome that little baby boy into this world! We plan to relax, go to the pool, and I am going to get some good workouts in. Thanks to the technology world, Chelsea and I were able to finally figure out our long lost connection and I am so excited to finally meet in person and chat Advocare with her! Karlyn was able to get off work for a few days and will head out on Thursday and fly back the same day as I do!

three. beautiful views
I love the fact that Arizona has such a different landscape than Virginia. There are random mountains that jump out of no where that look like ant hills! The first time I visited, we made a trip up to see the red rocks and that was just so beautiful.  Nothing like I have even seen before. Driving to the complex you drive right past an airport and it is so cool to see the plane all lined up!

four. Nicholas Sparks'  The Longest Ride
So excited to finally read this new book.  I have been saving it since Christmas and cannot wait to sit down and actually have time to read a book!

five. baseball
Come August, I will probably not be posting about how excited I am to go watch my 100th baseball game this season, but right now I am so excited to see my man play.  It has been a great off season, but we are ready to get this season rolling.  I am excited to attend some MLB Spring Training games and spend some quality time in AZ with D.J. before officially starting the season. Oh and of course, I am most excited about seeing my man in his uniform! Gotta love those baseball pants.

Happy Friday Link up y'all!

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