Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1 of 6 2014 Weddings: Neil and Allena

This weekend was the first of our 6 weddings for 2014.  We were so lucky to be a part of Allena and Neil's big day and so excited for them to start their lives together.
Friday night we headed to the temple for the rehearsal.  I headed straight from work so just packed a change of clothes with me.  After we practiced a few times, we were off to Harbor Park, home of the AAA Norfolk Tides baseball stadium. Allena and I grew up going to Tides games with her parents and it was only fitting to have the rehearsal dinner at Hits at the Park.  The food was delicious and it was so fun to be at a baseball stadium with D.J. and not FOR D.J. We were able to get on the field and take some pictures before the rain started.

Since Neil doesn't really like cake, we made him a beer cake with Coors Light cans! All guests were given koozies and crackers jacks to take home!

Saturday started off early with hair at Regis Salon.  The environment was a little crowded, but all in all, our hair looked amazing! I loved that we got started early and had all day to take in the love and excitement leading up to the wedding! We headed back to the temple to eat some lunch. Rachel came to do make up around 1:00 and we all took turns getting all done up! 

Our dresses were beautiful! 

Flowers were so unique and I loved having flowers I didn't have to worry about breaking!

The wedding was set to start at 6 p.m. so we watched as Allena and Neil did their first look and went to the front of the temple to take some pictures. The weather was beautiful and allowed the photographer to get some great shots.  I personally love the picture I snapped of Allena while we were taking pics. Doesn't she just look so happy?

I was not able to grab the newlyweds together, but I did get one of me and D.J. 

Wedding #2 is set for June 14 in Harrisonburg, VA! We are so honored to be able to share the love that Billy and Hillary have for each other and see them say "I do!" Until then, its back to the Arizona countdown, which is now 5 days!!


  1. love the color of those bridesmaids dresses! using fake flowers was a great decision for me at our wedding for that exact reason; no one had to worry about messing them up before hand!!

  2. I made a beer cake like that for my boyfriend's birthday because he doesn't like cake either! Just found your blog, excited to follow along!


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