Thursday, February 20, 2014

#tbt: Wedding Details

Details of weddings are my absolute favorite. Our photographer captured ever little detail I was hoping for and many more.  I seriously love the one of all the dresses hanging up.  Something about the picture of my mom and Kori (my cousin's) dress is just so stunning.  Hope you enjoy all the details as much as I did! 

Something old was my grandmothers ring with her first husband, Bob on the left.  She gave that to me on Christmas 2012. 

This was another Something old.  This was from my great-grandmother and has been used by many family members on my mom's side of the family. 

My beautiful Something New from my loving husband! 

The bridesmaids dresses were Bill Levkoff.

Wine Bag, Wedding Krafters, Kendall Richards

Thank you gift for the shower hostess, bridal brunch hostess, and the ladies that let us get ready at their house! Hand made wine bags! 

Mother of the Bride dress and my cousins dress. 

Everyone has to have a "Mrs." hanger. 

Alpha sigma Tau, Badge, Sorority, something borrowed

Something Borrowed: Kendall's Sorority Badge.  I wore this on the inside of my wedding dress over my heart.
yellow rose, wedding party flowers

The girls bouqets were yellow roses with lilies.  The boys had a single yellow rose.
bouquet, bride, white roses
My flowers were off white roses wrapped with a silk ribbon. 

Next week will be the last wedding post and I will show you pictures from the reception! This is where the party really got crazy!!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, everything looked beautiful :O)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about weddings. They are just so elegant!

  3. White and peach are my favourite colours for wedding purpose. Too simple, cool, phenomenal, beautiful, heavenly, awesome... what more can I say. No words to describe the beautiful moments of wedding. - Designer mother of the bride

  4. Where did you get your JMU garter? My fiance and I are getting married this August and we are both JMU alum and I have been looking for one like yours! Can you please let me know? Thank you :)

  5. Nice post! Loved your wedding details. Atlanta is a very pretty place. Just booked one of most beautiful wedding venues in Atlanta and now looking for awesome wedding decoration ideas. You have helped me a lot by sharing these photos. Thank you so much for this!


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