Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Home Improvement Week 5: Antique China Cabinet

This is not necessarily a DIY post, but its still home improvement! 
We were so fortunate to inherit this piece of furniture from my childhood friend Allena when her grandmother passed away.  She had no room for it in her house, so without asking D.J. or my dad, AKA my movers, we had committed to getting the furniture!

When I first looked at it, I was afraid we wouldn't have enough room for it on our dining room.  I thought it would stick out too far.  But when we got it into the house, it was a perfect fit!

I have been waiting for a piece like this to store all of our glasses we got as wedding gifts! It truly could not have been a better fit in our dining room.  I love the way I can use the bottom for storage and how there are three levels in the glass section at the top.

If any of my photographer friends know to to edit out my reflection- PLEASE let me know :)

Everyone loves Williamsburg Winery and these Castudio glasses!

I also scored these beautiful blue and white dessert dishes! So cute and they go perfect with our set we have!
Any suggestions on what I should put on top of the piece? Plants? Plates? Any suggestions would be apprecaited!

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  1. Is your blue and white china called Blue Danube? It looks almost identical to our china! Ours was from my grandmother, which my mom inherited when she passed away. The set will then go to my sisters and I, so we have already begun finding other pieces to add to it so we'll all have full sets. Love it!



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