Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Q & A: The Man Himself

When I saw Jessica from The Newly Q&A post from her hubby, I tossed the idea out to my main squeeze and he thought it was a pretty fun idea.  So here goes nothing! Ladies (and gentleman if you are reading this), the man himself- D.J. Brown.

C: I'm assuming you know the blog name right?
D: Blog with the Browns.

(*note- we started back up again a little later when D.J. decided he would actually participate!)

C: What do I post about on Thursday's?
D: Ummmm I think Throwback Thursday.  Either something about the wedding or honeymoon stuff probably.

C: Do I know enough about baseball to have an intelligent conversation with you?
D: You could have a conversation with me, but intelligent... that may be pushing it.

C: Well what do I need to know more of to improve to the "intelligent" level?
D: You have a good grasp on a lot but you don't know many big league players and there are still some stats that you don't know what's good and bad or at least confident enough to say what's good and what's bad. And also you need to learn more on how I pitch to certain hitters and things like that.

Looks like we will be having some Spring Training sessions for me. 

C: Can you name any of the blog friends I have online that I have never met in real life?
D: Only one I know is Chelsea and that's because I played with her husband in summer ball. Other than that, no.

C: What's the most memorable thing from our wedding?
D: The part where you asked if we were going to kiss or something is hard to forget.  But the moment I saw you come through the church doors in your dress for the first time is pretty memorable in my book.

C: What is my most annoying habit?
D: Not putting stuff away.  Or throwing stuff away.  Or closing the cabinets and doors.  Its not that hard to do either of those things.  When you open a packet of oatmeal, throw the wrapper away and close the cabinet!

C: Favorite baseball memory. Go!
D: Striking the last guy out to win the CAA Championship.

C: What do you want my blog readers to know about me?
D: You are the most patriotic person that I know.  whenever anything comes on TV or in moves about USA, you stop everything and pay attention.  Sometimes I even catch you tearing up a little bit.

And there ya go everyone! Q & A with the man himself!!

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