Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday! Nashville Bound!

I am currently jet setting to Nashville for the weekend to see my mom, brother, and best friend Ryan! Last time I was in Nashville was exactly one year ago, when I was visiting the Belmont Chapter (which you can find all my AST travel stories at my old blog).  I am so glad to finally be back in Music City. Since I have been to Nashville multiple times now, we are trying to do things this trip that I haven't done yet! Here are a few things we have planned for this trip!


one. friends and family
I am so excited to see Ryan! Even though we saw each other over Christmas break, it will be nice to be back in her "hometown" and exploring the city with her.  I was lucky enough last year to see her a good amount since I was at University of Southern Indiana for a good chunk of the year.  Ry and I have been friends since the 7th grade, went to JMU together, and continue to pick up right where we leave off!
 My mom and brother will also be in Nashville! This is the whole reason this trip is happening in the first place!... that leads me to...

My brother is a senior at the University of Georgia and is a co-captain for the UGA Men's Lacrosse team.  They are heading to Nashville to take on Vanderbilt and Wake Forrest this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  I love watching them play but it's hard to get down to Georgia.  Making a trip to Nashville was just so perfect since I get to see family, friends, and watch some lacrosse!

Bobby is #17

three. Radnor Lake
This beautiful lake is only 15 minutes outside of Nashville and I am so excited to do a hike when I land this morning! My mom is driving up from Atlanta and we plan to do this first thing when she gets there! The views looks stunning and I plan to take lots of pictures!

four. Soulshine Pizza 
I am so excited to try out this awesome restaurant that Ryan recommended, Soulshine Pizza.  She says its the best pizza and always has a live band playing no matter what night of the week! That's what Nashville is all about! 

five. Downtown Nashville
And last but not least, everyone must enjoy some DT Nashville.  Even though I have done this already, I cannot wait to show my brother and mom what downtown Nashville sounds and looks like at night.  Live music from every bar entrance, cowboy boots in every other store, and lots of neon bright lights!

What are you favorite spots in Nashville? Food, shopping, entertainment? We would love suggestions!

Be back on Monday with an update on the trip! Follow along on Instagram @caytebrown 

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  1. Nashville is on my list of places I want to go! Have so much fun and take lots of pics. Happy Weekend, hun! Xx.


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