Monday, February 10, 2014

Nashvegas # crazytown

A weekend full of live music, family and friends, and lacrosse.. what more could ya ask for?! Nashville continues to prove time and time again that it is one of the best cities on earth! Besides seeing beautiful houses, scenic parks, and a drumming rapper on the corner of Broadway Street, I spent probably half the time talking to Ryan and my mom how this "blogging thing works!" That sounds like a post for another time, but for now -  this blog post is for the both of you! 

Friday-- I headed off bright and early to head to Music City via a layover in Charlotte. (another city on my must-see list) When I landed in Nashville, Ryan came to pick me up and we went to her house. She has moved since the last time I was visiting and the new house she is in is brand new, beautiful, and perfect for her and her roommates.  My mom had already arrived by the time we got back to the house so after settling in, we decided to head to Radnor Lake to do some exercising and exploring! 

Radnor Lake

The weather was super cold, but with the sun shining it made it bearable.  We (obviously) took lots of pictures and stopped a few times because we were laughing so hard! We even saw some deer (which I accidentally called a horse... yep- that happened). 
Nashville, Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake, deer

Radnor Lake, exploring, nashville

Radnor Lake, icicles, exploring, nashville
The way these icicles were hitting the water made it look like they were flashing on and off

Radnor Lake, ducks, exploring, nashville

After we did the hike, we grabbed some lunch at McDougals then went back to Ryan's to take a nap.  We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and then decided that we needed to make the most of every night! So around 9, we headed out to Soulshine Pizza for a late dinner and some drinks.  We decided to head home after dinner to save our energy for Saturday. 

Saturday-- We started our morning off by heading to the Hillsboro area right by Vanderbilt for some breakfast at Fido.  Seriously some of the best blueberry pancakes I have ever had! We walked around and went into some cute stores trying to walk off our breakfast. We had some time to kill before Bobby's game so we did a driving tour of downtown Nashville.  
UGA Lacrosse played Vandy on Saturday and unfortunately, they ended up losing.  It was great to see Bobby play though.

We decided to have mom take some "engagement photos" of us 

One of the kids on the team had us over for dinner at his house.  It was a delicious dinner and great dessert! We all decided to meet up at Legends Downtown a little later and make our ways through all the downtown bars! We ended up hitting up Legends, Tootsies, and Bootleggers (which was by far the worst because of the terrible singer who didn't know the word.  I was about to get up there and take the mic from him)

Sunday-- After a long night, we grabbed some hot chocolate and bagels before the next game.  Sunday's game was much more exciting with a final score of 16-2 vs. Wake Forest.  The boys were much more excited at the end of the game and I am glad they were able to go home on a good note.  They head out to California next weekend to take on a few teams out there.  Mom left to head back to Athens after the game and Ryan and I packed up my stuff, hit the mall, and grabbed some food at Panera and just chatted before I hit the air to head home.  The airport was a breeze.  Besides trying to check in at US Air for my United flight, everything went smoothly.  No delays, no checked bags, and I was even able to finish my Nicholas Sparks book (The Last Song). 

The weekend was so great and I am so glad I was able to make it work.  I totally ate way to much food and drank too much food. Luckily since my mom was there, I didn't spend too much money (thanks mom!) 
All in all- if you are reading this, you need to make a trip to Nashville in the near future!

No #baseballwifelife this weekend, so I will be working on one soon!

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