Thursday, January 23, 2014

#tbt: Getting Ready

Today's Wedding recap is all our getting ready photos.  D and I decided from the day we got engaged that we wanted the first time we saw each other to be when I was walking down the aisle on our big day!  Our photographer, Charlie Gunter, really was exceptional.  He captured ever little detail I was hoping he would as well as many more.  On site hair and make up was so much better than going into the salon. We were able to watch Gameday for the Dawgs, eat some healthy breakfast, and be comfortable! Take a look at some of the pictures of us getting ready.

wedding, DIY, norfolk, details

No wedding day is ever complete without a monogrammed glass for mimosas! Hand painted by the one and only, Kendall Richards! 

wedding, DIY, norfolk, details

Syd and Sam were troopers.  Up extra early to be pampered at 6 years old.  Rough life!!

Naked 2, makeup, getting ready, wedding

Nothing better than a fresh pallet of Naked 2.

Bridesmade by Kim Wadsworth

Candid photos are the best photos.

wedding, DIY, norfolk, details

wedding, DIY, norfolk, details

Monogrammed frocket shirts hand made by none other than Kendall Richards.  I could not have been more blessed to have Kendall in my life, especially as my big sister.  Not only would the wedding have been a hot mess of my DIY creations, but my life would be so different! Love ya biggie!
wedding, DIY, norfolk, details

Having my godfather and family come down from Canada for our wedding was so thankful.  This picture is just pure love and I couldn't imagine our wedding without all our cousins involved!!

Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of the boys getting ready since our day just seemed to fly by.  I was so happy with the pictures that Charlie got and can't wait to show you all next week more from our wedding day and the Ceremony pictures!

Brides Hair: Kori Wilson
Bridesmaids Hair: Bridesmade by Kim Wadsworth
Make up: Rachel Somplasky

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