Thursday, January 9, 2014

#tbt: The Bridal Shower

Another #tbt today from the days before I was a blogger! After the bachelorette party (which you can read more about here) we decided to have the bridal shower the same weekend.  I had a lot of out of town friends come down for the weekend and I wanted to make sure they could all be there for both events. 

Beth and Danielle Campion were so sweet to host the most beautiful shower. The theme of the shower was Monograms and Margaritas! We drank yummy margaritas and monograms were all over the place!  It was so nice to come back from such a fun weekend and be showered with such great gifts!

Some of the best gifts were this monogrammed acrylic tray that I use every day.  It sits next to my bed and I use it as a jewelry collection and a place to put my rings when I am in the shower!

Another great gift was our pop up cooler.  Whenever I took it to events our had it out in the backyard, everyone was asking where we got it from.  

I was so honored to have so many great friends and family there for the celebration! To top of the shower, some cake from Sugarplum Bakery was a hit!!

Check back next week for details on the Bridesmaids Luncheon!

All my beautiful bridesmaids!


  1. I the monogrammed tray you got! So cute :)

    1. Lauren- The tray is so great! I usually put my watch and bracelets there when I get home from work and when I shower I like to put my rings there. That way I always know where they are! (because if I didn't have this, they would be lost!) Love your blog and your work! Wish you did VA too! :)

  2. Ahhhh...All.That.Monogram.Stuff!!!!! Heaven! I think we should make it a rule to have a shower every year for no real reason...for being married...we still need stuff, right?! Monograms are essential! HA!
    Happy Weekend, Love!

    1. Jenni- I totally agree! Showers at ever anniversary sound like a perfect plan for me! You can never have to much monogrammed things :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!


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