Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Home Improvement Week 1: Gallery Wall

Since we moved into our house it has always been my hope to make some type of gallery wall in the living room.  The room is set up perfectly for what I have pictured in my head.  The TV is over the fireplace, and the couch is against the wall that I wanted to make a gallery wall! So for the wedding, we got some frames from Crate and Barrel (found here, here, and here) and I had a few other frames I knew would look good in the design.  So here is what I had.

I am a very symmetrical person and wanted my design to be the same way. My brother-in-law James is super talented at making these and has an eye for what looks right. I was stuck on making everything even and aligned.  So I called him, he helped me move some frames around wha-la! We had something to work with now.  

You can kind of tell from this picture, but the above the couch that you see is where this is going to go.  Since our house is older, we have been hesitant to nail into the walls.  We weren't sure how well the nails would hold up in the plaster walls.  Let me tell you- it was a pain to get the nails in the wall, but once they were in, it was hollow.  I decided to use some nails and some picture hangers for the heavier frames.  

So in typical fashion, I started to try and hang up the pictures all by myself. Lets just say this is how far I got....

Then, I decided it would be easier if I moved the couch....

Then, conveniently, it was time for me to go get a massage and facial.  When I came home, this is what I found...

My husband is a boss and I love it! Now all we have to do is put pictures in them, but you all get the point for now!

Home Improvement Week One is in the books ladies and gents! Can't wait to see what week 2 has in store for me!


  1. You're doing such a great job with the blog! Love the layout & design! :) Now will you please come put up a gallery wall in our house!?


  2. Love that black frame around the 2 smaller frames! I want to do a gallery wall so bad!

  3. Turned out great, love it.



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