Monday, January 20, 2014

3 day weekends = the best

Nothing beats the feeling of not having to set your alarm on Sunday night! Having today off was so great, especially because it was so beautiful here today.  D.J. and I were busy (as always) this weekend.  Friday night we decided to be lazy, we stayed at home and watched Fast and Furious 6.  Not gonna lie, it was kind of wierd watching a movie with Paul Walker knowing he isn't here with us today.  It was a good movie though.  Saturday I had to work for a little bit and then went to a bridal shower! I was in charge of making the ribbon bouquet.  It turned out better than I expected.  Tip: I used a smaller paper plate and it was a lot easier.  Even though there wasn't as much space, I figured out ways to make all the ribbons fit! I also learned that if you are the bride and you break a ribbon when opening a present, it means a baby is in the near future!? Anyone else hear of that superstition??
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Me and Allena, the bride-to-be!


Saturday night we took the little cousins Extreme Bowling! It was so entertaining watching them try and throw the ball down the lane! Little kids are seriously the best! D.J. was wearing his Indians hat and they all wanted to take a picture with the hat on :) Hopefully (as long as everything goes as planned) Liam and I will be able to take some trips down to see D.J. play this year in Carolina! Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the lighting in the bowling alley was hard to work with!

Sunday we headed up to Williamsburg for my surprise birthday present! I had a gut feeling we were going wine tasting, but didn't know for sure until we were turning into the Williamsburg Winery! It was exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday! I had been wanting to go wine tasting with D.J. for a while now, so this was an extra-special trip! I was so preoccupied with the beauty of the winery, I forgot to take any pictures.  But for those of you reading that are not from this area, here is a picture from their website! Not only did we drink great wine, we also learned a lot about the wine making process too!

Today I just took it easy.  Went to Target, watched some Criminal Minds and went on a nice run outside.  Since it was so nice out, we decided to take Stryker up to the school by our house to play catch and get his energy out!

Happy Monday Y'all!

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