Monday, December 9, 2013

Merry Monday

Things are starting to look a little festive around our house! We have the tree up and already have lots of presents for friends and family under it!
For our first Christmas, D.J. was responsible for the outside of the house and I was in charge of the inside.  It was his goal to make it look just like a ginger bread house.  I think he did a pretty good job!
 Even though D.J. did the outside, I had to put my little touch on the steps with these DIY "joy" planters.  I got the trees from Home Depot and the pots from Michaels and just spray painted them gold.  They really add a nice touch to the front porch when you are walking up to the house!

The inside really took me a while to finally get everything together.  I feel like since this is our first Christmas in the new house that our decorations will only continue to grow.  The mantel was the hardest to make a decision on.  I had seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest and wanted to make mine look just as good as the ones I saw there! I think we did a pretty good job! I got the stockings from Pottery Barn and everything else from Michaels.  The garlands made of glitter balls were so easy! I just got some string and used a sewing needle to pull it through! I love the way they turned out!

The dining room table turned out exactly how I wanted it too! all the other random decorations Nana gave us!

We just finished wrapping some more presents and now are enjoying the night by the fire watching The Voice and The Blacklist! Have a merry Monday!!

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