Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Christmas Card

For our first Christmas card as a family, I decided to use a picture from the wedding.  Our photographer, Charlie Gunter took so many stunning photos, I needed an excuse to use another. 

I have seen so many different blog posts about how to display Christmas cards from past years, but I think my favorite has to be Julie's who blogs over at Girl in the Red Shoes.  I have been waiting to get some wedding photos printed to make our gallery wall of pictures.  I have decided this is going to be a task to do one of the days I have off the next two weeks!

I went to Target tonight and got a pretty red frame to put the picture in, but it was the wrong size (of course..) so now I will just wait till I find another pictures frame to put it in!

If you would like to get our Christmas card in years to come, please let me know!

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