Friday, December 6, 2013

Our first tree

December is finally here! Since we have moved into the house, I have been waiting to decorate for Christmas!  Even though we did a lot of other decorations before getting our tree, I wanted to share our experience getting our first tree!
My family has been going to this same Christmas tree "farm" for as long as I can remember.  I honestly don't know any other place to get a tree. Yes, there is Home Depot and Taylor's Do-It Center, but this was as "real" as it was going to get besides going to cut down our own.  With my family, it usually takes us 30 minutes to decided on a tree.  Julie always likes one and my dad likes another, but in the end, it usually always comes down to us getting the first one my mom looked at.  For us, we knew we had to get a smaller tree than my family usually gets.  We have a smaller house and not as many ornaments to decorate it with.  There were a few trees that had potential, but we ended up going with this fraser fur beauty.

We couldn't resist the beautiful wreath too.  I had been debating whether I was going to try and make a Christmas wreath or just buy one.  None of the ones I saw I liked, so this was perfect.  Now every time we walk into the house it smells like a Christmas tree!

Since my dad was in Pennsylvania with the truck, we had to tie it to the top of my CRV.  Never though the day would come where we are putting Christmas trees on my car!

D.J. was awesome and we were able to get the tree set up on the stand right when we got home! While he was outside being an awesome husband, I was trying to untangle the white lights that we were putting up on the tree. Someone decided to see what these lights were all about and got all tangled up in them. Looks like he was pooped afterwards!

After Stryker had his fun, D.J. brought the tree inside and I started to decorate. From the beginning of decorating, D.J. told me that it was my job to do the inside of the house and his job to do the outside.  Here is the progression of my decorating skills! We had to go out and get more ornaments though so now it looks more full of ornaments than it does in this picture!

Here is our first ornament going on our first Christmas tree!

Some of the presents we already have wrapped our under the tree! However, as of yesterday, they are getting put up because Strkyer already tore one open.  I decided to be a little "pinterest-y" and wrap them all in brown paper and put pretty bows and ribbons on them all! Let me know what you think!

And there it is everyone, our first Christmas tree experience! Be on the look out for more Christmas decoration posts soon!

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