Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trick or Treating

First time carving a pumpkin...first time dressing up for Halloween...first time trick-or-treating...and first time in a wagon! Big boy had an awesome first Halloween experience and I cannot wait to experience this with him next year when he can run house to house saying "TRICK OR TREAT!!".

Sunday night we got together at my parents and carved pumpkins.  I went the classic route with a jack-o-lantern and D.J. went the baseball route in hopes that the Indians will win the World Series!

Harrison even got to explore the fun guts inside the pumpkins!

"What do you mean I can't eat this stuff?!"

Then little man didn't have a good night sleep, so this morning's picture was a little forced.  I see lots of these looks in our future, but hey...at least it happened!

But his day got better when he decided to start saving the world and put on his fire fighter hat! I mean, how adorable can these little munckins be?!!?! And what's even better is that it was $9 from Sams Club!

Little fire fighter with all three of our pumpkins!

Then we decided to throw together some "The Price is Right" costumes.  We literally put these together in a total of 30 minutes before trick-or-treating. I'm impressed with ourselves.

 Once we got situated in the wagon, we walked over to my cousins house and walked around their neighborhood. The best part about this was is that we were trick-or-treating on the same exact streets that I grew up on.  Pretty awesome experience to see life come full circle.

Here we have Charlie Brown, the best police officer in Norfolk, and their Greek goddess to keep an eye over them!

 And of course... dad won the FREE CAR!!!

The police officer with her favorite things - coffee and donuts!

Nancy and her Canadian friends that she carries with her! She looks a little terrified!

And of course, he was perfect the entire time. Just sat in the wagon, looked around and collected candy!

Happy 1st Halloween from this little firefighter.  

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