Monday, October 31, 2016

JMU Homecoming 2016

This past weekend we hit the road for JMU Homecoming 2016! It was our first adventure as a family and it was such a good time.  We really have such a great little man that makes traveling so much easier.  Homecoming now is definitely different than it was in the past, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

We stayed at an AirBnB in Staunton with some of our best friends Conner, Jaci, Carleigh and Bradley! When we arrived on Friday afternoon, Harrison had to check out all the chickens.  He's never seen chickens or roosters before, so he was pretty interested and loved being on their level. 

Friday night we drove into Harrisonburg for a memorial service for one of the guys on the JMU baseball team that passed away earlier in the year. It was a very nice gathering of teammates, friends and family that all were there to celebrate his life.  We grabbed a late dinner afterwards at Capital Ale House.

Saturday morning came early after Mr. You-Know-Who didn't have a good night sleep.  But we drove up to JMU around 10 to go to the AST Brunch.  It was good seeing a few people I knew, but most of my friends didn't make it to homecoming this year.  We met up with the group at the 1983 JMU Baseball Team's tailgate.  They were the only team in JMU history to make it to the college world series.

Harrison had a blast hanging out with Ella, but Ella wasn't too fond to hang out with Harrison!! She was such a little cutie and it was great having parent friends there with us! 

His favorite toy right now is any and all water bottles!

We scored some great seats, thank to Brad, and ended up leaving the game at halftime because JMU was killing Rhode Island.

After we left the game, we decided to stop by the park to let Harrison have some fun for a little bit.  The rest of the group waited for a table at the restaurant. Big boy is seriously loving the outside and looking like such a big boy these days!

That fall foliage though.... SO PRETTY!

And there is nothing better than seeing your husband throw your son up in the air and hearing a big belly laugh at the top!! <3 SWOON.

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