Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Day It All Changed

On August 2, 2015 we found out our family was growing by ten little fingers and toes, two beautiful blue eyes and what turned out to be a big ole' noggin of a baby!

I will never forget that day.  D.J. was upset about a baseball game and the position he was put it and we were on the last day of a trip in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I had been feeling crappy for the past few days and was telling Maria about it and she was joking around about me being pregnant. I said "NO WAY! It's just a summer cold I bet".  So as the weekend went on, she finally made me take a test even though I wanted to wait till we got back to Lynchburg.  Sure enough, that (not so little) blue line popped up in less than 5 seconds and it was a LEGIT blue line.  No faint lines - dark blue lines.  I then proceeded to take the other two tests in the box, followed by two more the next couple days when I was still in shock! Cue the collage below.

So Maria and I had to go to the game with this big secret with my family there, D.J.'s family there and all our friends and not say anything! I had no idea how far along I was, so we wanted to keep it quiet.  I had all these great ideas in my head about how I would tell D.J. about the pregnancy, but this one sneeked up on us and I didn't have anything prepared. 
Since this day was the getaway day, Maria and I headed out from the game earlier than the bus and made a pit stop at Target.  I obviously got more tests because I was still in shock.  I also got D.J. some candy and a cute "congratulations" card. 

Getting him a little gift wasn't that out of the blue because he had a rough day.  Inside the card was the pregnancy test that said "If I'm going to get fat, then so are you!" It was the most precious moment ever to see D.J. find out he was going to be a dad.  I was nervous to tell him, because there were a lot of people that happened to come over after the guys got home.  But thats a moment in our life that we will never forget and we were happy to have our baseball family there for it. 

A few days later we had an off day and the Feyereisen's (cue the tears because JP was just traded to the Yankees!) treated us all to a day on Smith Mountain Lake on a pontoon boat! We couldn't keep the secret so we told the group and just enjoyed the day dreaming about what our life would look like a year from now. 

I cannot believe it's been a whole year since we found out our lives would change forever in the best way possible.  We love you Harrison!! 

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