Monday, August 1, 2016

4 Months || Harrison Cole

Another amazing month of having you in our lives and we are still so smittened with you! You keep us on our toes, always laughing, and so blessed to be your parents.  We miss daddy all the time, but at the mere age of four months, you are already a FaceTime expert.  I swear you associate the phone with daddy, but who knows.  Maybe I just think you are a genius child...either way, it's pretty cool! This is our last full month without dad home and I know you are just as excited to have him home every day as I am! Thank you for being my motivation, my reason and so much more!

Month 4 Memories:

Diapers- 100% of the time you are in size 2 diapers right now.  You switched over around 14 weeks.  Those ones were just getting a little to tight for you! I've been leaning towards the Pampers more often than not, but we will use any type of diaper we have! You aren't picky.

Clothes- We switched over from 3 month and 3-6 month onesies to strictly 6 months a few weeks ago. But you still fit in the 3 month t shirts and shorts.  I found the best deal for some summer outfits the other day at Sams Club and stocked up on some 6 month rompers for you.  I personally prefer the Carter's brand.  At night time I put you in a onesie that you wouldn't typically wear during the day and swaddle you up in the large velcro swaddles at night.

Sleep- Well right before you hit 4 months, you had a little set back in your sleeping.  I have found that you are taking less naps during the day (two 45 minute naps while I am at work) and then about and hour nap when I get home from work.  You were sleeping from around 9pm till 2/3 am then waking again around 7.  When you hit a little big of that 4 month sleep regression, you reverted back to every two hours.  I think if Dad was hope to help calm you during the night, you would go back to sleep, but since it's me, I just nurse you back to sleep. I did some reading on how babies your age should be sleeping and the most common thing I read is that I should be putting you to sleep earlier.  I've been trying to have you down by 8:30 these days.  Then the rest of the night is literally so up in the air on any given night right now.  Some days you wake up every two hours...others you sleep for 5 hours straight!

Other than naps and night time, you still love a good nap on mommy in the Solly Wrap! 

Eating- Mama's milk is still your favorite! I cannot believe that for over a year now, my body has grown you from a tiny spec to a big four month old baby.  The human body is truly amazing! While I am gone at work, you get three 4oz bottles.  Some days I give you a little more in each bottle, but I truly believe you don't need to have any more than that.  Lots of people say you need more or need to eat more, but I think once we start you on solids, you will start to be full longer and need less bottles.  I pump twice a day at work, anywhere between 10 am and 1 pm.  I get enough milk to get you through the next day, but I end up freezing the last bit and giving you the frozen milk I have stored up so I keep the stash fresh. 

Pacifier- Update from last month - you don't like the MAM brand.  Now trying the Nuk brand.  The pacifier does not calm you down when you are crying.  The only time you really will take it is at night right after you nurse and I pop that baby in there to confuse you.  You also really love to suck on your fingers and toes!

Weight and Length- At your 4 month check up last week, you weighed in at 15 pounds 6 oz (54th%) and 27 inches long (94th%). You have a big ole head measuring in at 17.2 inches (97th%)! 

This month you took your first dip in the pool and you absolutely LOVE it! We try to get in at least once a weekend and you have the cutest little float that covers the sun from your eyes. 

We had you in this little yellow one, but the shade is crucial, so we got you the one with the cover on it!

You had a lot of days with Gigi and Grandpa Bieber this month! They both love you so much! We are so lucky to leave you with people that enjoy having you around during the day!

This was my first day back to work and I wasn't as nervous to leave you as everyone else says I would be.  Maybe that's because you were with Gigi!

You love getting a bath at night.  Sometimes we give it to you during the day at Gigi and GB's house in the dog washing station since it's so much easier not having to bend down. Straight chillen here in this little rubber ducky! 

Before we left Akron, we took a family trip to the Zoo and Daddy signed some autographs! You looked so cute in your little jean hat!

We haven't been going on walks lately because it's been too hot to do anything outside other than get in the pool.  You love walks though. Cue the cutest baby smile ever below.

When we go on easy walk, I put you in the stroller like a big boy!

Gigi and Mom went to the Kenny Chesney concert on the Thursday I started back to work.  Grandpa Bieber (GB) was responsible for you.  I came home to find you "wrapped" in your swaddle like this!!!! I have no idea how you managed to get like this, but this is too funny not to remember forever on the blog.

You had your fist beach day with mommy's girlfriends and you did GREAT! You loved the sound of the water hitting the sand.  We haven't been back again because of the hot temperature, but I can't wait to take you when daddy comes home.

You celebrated the 4th of July in style with Raleigh and met lots of new family members this month.

You are already teething big time.  Lots of drool, chewing on toys and your fingers and definitely more fussy.  You also had your first ear infection this month :( It made me so sad to see you cry in pain! But it went away pretty quick, and at the check up appointment, you killed it in this outfit.

That big head of yours is still pretty bald. You have gotten more hair, but still a little bald baby!

I've been focusing on working out a lot more this month as well.  Thanks to Body Back and Gigi, I am able to get an hour two times a week to go hard for myself and get this body back to how it was before you were born! It's a long process, but I am confident, strong and happy to be on this road of motherhood with such great people to support me!

I swear every day you get so much bigger and learn something new.  It really is amazing.  You love tummy time (despite your face in this picture) and are getting so strong! I cannot wait to see what you learn to do in month 4 of your life! 

I close my eyes at night, 
wondering where would I be without you in my life
Everything I did was just a bore,
everywhere I went it seems I'd been there before
But you birghtened up for me all of my days 
With a love so sweet with so many ways 
I want to stop and thank you baby
I want to stop and thank you baby
How sweet it is to be loved by you

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