Monday, November 16, 2015

Lake Tahoe

Last weekend, we day tripped to Lake Tahoe when we were in Reno for our friends wedding.  Since it was only about an hour drive, we decided we couldn't leave without heading over the mountains to see the beauty of the lake.

The drive there was stunning.  Lots of flat land and snowy mountains before the curvy roads over the mountains. 

When we got over the mountain, the view was stunning.  Being from Virginia, we are used to seeing the ocean where there is no end in sight, so it was crazy to see such a large body of water but mountains on the other side.  When we arrived, the first thing our friend Eric said was, "we have to drive all the way around!" So that's exactly what we did. 

First stop we made was in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  We parked and walked far out into the lake.  It really showed how much of a drought California is really going through.  In the picture above, you can see how much sand we were able to walk out on before the water actually started. We snapped some fun pictures and walked around a bit before getting in our car for the next stop.

We love the Haase family! 

Sonny is getting so big and we can't wait to give him another best friend to play with and teach him the baseball ways! 

Then mom wanted to try - HAHA! The Haase's really have the Dirty Dancing thing down!

Someone please caption this...

The baseball crew.  Can't wait to add another boy to this picture! We are going to be outnumbered, Maria!

My sweet son son!

Our next stop was on top of the mountain, driving west, right where we could see Emerald Bay.  What a beautiful sight.

Seriously could not imagine doing baseball, motherhood or life without this amazing woman right here.  She is so inspiring, kind, loving and an amazing mother I hope I can be half as good as she is.

D.J. got his first taste of fatherhood when Sonny decided to lay a big ole fart on D.J. right at the perfect time for me to snap a picture!

We kept driving after Emerald Bay and saw a perfect spot for our gender reveal #2. 
Eric hopped out and snapped a few awesome photos of us before we kept on driving.

The dads.

Yes - that is a 10 mph turn and I wouldn't want to test any faster than that considering there were no guard rails! 

We tried to stop at some places once we drove down the mountain, but everything was closed for the season. We made our last stop in Tahoe City.  The weather was calling for snow the next day and we saw some clouds rolling in from the west, so we got the stop in just in time. 

We grabbed some lunch at Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company and shopped around for some souvenirs.  We snapped a few photos and Sonny played on the playground right as it started to flurry. 

And of course, the most memorable part of this trip was announcing our baby boy! 

What an amazing trip to Tahoe and I could not have been more excited that we got up and actually did it- and with none other than some of our best friends! 

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