Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#baseballwifelife: Mid-season moves

Everyone always says they could be moved up at any point in the season, but until now we haven't experienced that.  I am happy to announce that D.J. has been promoted to the AA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians - the Akron Rubberducks! 

So it was on Wednesday night last week when the girls from Lynchburg were here visiting me in Norfolk for a few days before we got on the road to Myrtle Beach for the weekend.  I woke up that morning with the craziest dream that D.J. got moved to Akron.  I even checked twitter to make sure it didn't happen and I just forgot about it.  But nothing on twitter.  So I just went on with my day.  I told my co-workers about my dream too, just because it was so vivid.

Not more than 5 hours later, D.J. called me and told me that I wouldn't need to go down to Myrtle Beach because he wasn't going to be there.  I was shocked! I knew that a promotion was possible, but seriously thought there was no room for another pitcher in Akron.  Well there is, and I hope he is there to stay!

So D.J. got the start on Saturday in Portland, Maine.  And yes, we went.  That's tomorrow's post. 

The newest Akron Rubberduck, y'all! So proud of his hard work and positive mental attitude this season.  He truly works hard day in and day out to support us and I will continue to stand by his side till he hangs up the cleats.

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  1. Congrats to your husband!!!!!!!!!! Go Rubberducks!


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