Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

The past three weeks have been great.  Being able to see D.J. every day and watch baseball games truly makes my heart happy! It's even better that we are in the cutest little town of Lynchburg, VA and there are so many fun things to explore here.

one | Historic Downtown

I haven't had much time to fully explore downtown Lynchburg, but these beautiful set of stairs have quickly developed a love-hate relationship with my legs.  I've been putting together some awesome workouts for the other baseball ladies here with me on these stairs.  Downtown also has some pretty delicious restaurants and beautiful views of the James River.

two | Lynchburg Sunsets
The sunsets here are stunning.  The view from the field looks right over the mountain range and I cannot get enough of it.  Ocean sunsets are great, but mountain sunsets add a whole new level to everything.

three | workouts with the ladies
I love being able to get my workouts in early and these ladies have joined in on the fun with me! Taking everything I've learned from working out at home and bringing it here is so fun and I love that we have each other to push harder.

four | Lexington, VA

Last week, I had the opportunity to drive across the mountain and visit a colleague that works for the VMI Foundation.  I have learned a lot about the non profit world in the past two years, but seeing how VMI does things was a great eye opener into how much more there is to learn.

five | Snowflex
A few weeks ago some of the crew went to Snowflex - a year round ski, snowboard, and tubing park! I saw a few kids try and snowboard and I'm not quite sure I'd like to try that.  It looks a little painful if you fall.  We stuck to the tubing side of the mountain and even then, it was a little scary! The views were stunning though and we had a blast. 

Hope y'all have a great 4th of July weekend! 

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  1. I need to workout more. I would love to know your workouts.


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