Thursday, June 4, 2015

DIY Window Boxes

It's been a while since I did a DIY project, but this one seemed easy enough to put together and save some few bucks while I was at it.  I knew I needed some type of color in the window treatments for the bathroom, but indecisive Cayte didn't know what fabric would be best.  So after about six months of figuring that out, I finally decided on some! 

My awesome uncle made these two window boxes for me and let me borrow his staple gun and then it was game on from there. I got some batting from a local fabric store and cut it to the measurements of the board plus about 3 inches for it to fold over.


 The corners were the hardest part, but I just folded them over like I would do when wrapping a present.

Once the batting was stapled in place, I placed the fabric where I wanted it and started stapling away.

And the finished product....

Be sure the check back next week once I get them up in the bathrooms!


  1. Okay I'm so glad I found your blog I even pinned this to a secret board I have with my friends!! I followed you on GFC so I can keep getting updates on your new posts. If you want you should stop by and follow along with me as well!! :)

  2. I love this. I can't wait until next week! lol.. I have been a lot more crafty lately.

  3. Oh I LOVE these!!!!! If my husband ever has time, I will ask him to make these for our windows.
    Thanks for your tutorial.


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