Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back to Baseball Life

The past two and a half weeks have been an adjustment to say the least.  Having D.J. back in Arizona reminds me how true the "You don't know how much you love something until it's gone" saying is.  It is hard to see all of my baseball ladies enjoying the warm weather out in AZ! But I've been staying super busy traveling, working, hitting the gym hard, and counting down the days until we know what the next five months will look like! Until we find out those details, I will just sit here and think about how different life is at home without my doggie daddy and loving husband!

one | I miss having someone to talk to when I get home from work.
However, I don't typically go straight home from work anymore.  I usually eat dinner at my parents house and spend most of the night over there.  I came home straight from work last night though and it was too quiet.  I turned on the TV, did laundry, blogged, and got my life together. 

two | Will it be harder to get out of bed or easier??
I have had mixed reviews on this one.  Some mornings all I want to do is sleep and snuggle with Stryker.  Other days though, I get out of bed right when my alarm goes off.  Before D.J. left we were getting up and going to the gym, so I was in somewhat of a routine. Overall it hasn't been terrible getting up early!

three | My nights will consist of listening to lots of baseball games.
Fortunately this has not taken over my life yet since games don't start till April 8th.  Being on a new team this year (regardless of if he stays in High A or AA) also brings a new radio announcer.  We were so lucky to have an awesome announcer last year that kept us very in the loop with live game updates. I just hope the voice of the Hillcats or Rubberducks is as good as Darren was last year for the Mudcats!

four | Things on the top level don't get touched
Let's be real.  Will I ever be getting those bowls down from the top shelf in the cabinets??? Nope. Not happening.  I have a step stool, but sometimes being short is just not worth trying to pretend your tall.  Having a husband that is 6'6 is seriously a blessing! We balance each other out very well - I pick up stuff on the floor and DJ cleans the fans in the bedrooms. I call that Super Couple!

five | No Jeopardy Fun
This off season we didn't play as much, but we like a good healthy competitive game of Jeopardy every now and then.  Like, we keep score and everything! Now watching the show I just feel like a loser. Oh well, it passes the time!

Although I miss having him around, having the house to myself is pretty nice.  I can leave cabinets open, dirty clothes wherever I want, and do the laundry when I need to! I do have some pretty exciting news though about this baseball season, so be sure to check back later this week to see what it is!

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  1. It’s nice that you’re doing all those fun things for yourself to pass the time! Not having someone to talk to when you get home from work is the worst; at least you’re in the final stretch! Can’t wait for you to be back reunited with your man :)


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