Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello 5 day weekend!

Valentine's Day Weekend was just how we like it to be.  Relaxing and memorable.  Friday night I had to work late after the basketball game for our annual Faculty Appreciation Night.  It's always great to let the teachers and staff know how much we appreciate their dedication to Collegiate and the party is always a good time.  We headed over to Cuddy Sharks, a little hole in the wall dive, for a few beers with my parents and my old babysitter, Lisa and her husband Drew who were in town for the long weekend.  Needless to say, we arrived a little too late in the night and the rest of the gang were done in! Good thing DJ and I came so we could drive them home! Saturday I started the morning off with a 3.5 mile run in preparation for my 10k at the end of March! DJ got me a manicure and pedicure so I had a nice relaxing spa day before our early dinner at Chicks.  After dinner we went bowling with the family and this chick was actually pretty good! Sunday we renewed our Costco membership (of so fun!), had DJ's basketball party and watched some movies.

Thanks to President's day, we already had Monday off, but then the storm hit.  If you remember last year, we got hit with 10+ inches of snow in two weeks.  This storm wasn't as big as last year, but enough to be out of school for at least two days! We are now on snow day #2 and counting.  The roads are crazy icy and the snow isn't even fun to play in.  Couldn't even make a snow angel. But it has been pretty to look at!

You can see here that when DJ was on the ground, he didn't even sink into the snow! 

After we realized the snow wasn't going to be as fun as it looked, we decided to make a fun game out of the hard snow - ice putt putt! We made a whole course and everything! It was awesome and really a great way to make a fun use of the hard snow we couldn't play in!

 I think this photo says it all - ball, snow, and family is all this pup needs to be happy in life!!

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