Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday: Snow Day Edition

Excited for this Friday link-up with Carolina Charm and the lovely ladies! Virginia has been hit with a ton of snow in the past two weeks.  Last week we had an early release on Tuesday and off Wednesday and Thursday (after having MLK day on Monday!).  This week we had an early release on Tuesday and off Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday! I don't think we have ever had this many days off of when I attended Norfolk Collegiate or during my 4 years at JMU.
Since we have been snowed in, here are my top 5 things about a snow day!
  1. Hanging out with the hubby. Usually D.J. has work in the off season but since all this snow, he was off on Wednesday and Thursday.  Seeing him play with Stryker in the snow has been awesome.  He loves throwing snowballs in the air for Stryker to catch.  Its pretty adorable if you ask me! 
  2. Stryker has loved the snow! The first time, we could not keep him inside! This time the snow was so thick he couldn't figure out where the sidewalk ends and the road starts! 
  3. Cleaning the house.  We decided to use the time cooped up in the house doing a little cleaning.  We dusted and vacuumed and about 10 minutes later there was more hair on the floor :).  Gotta love living with a dog!
  4.  Fire.  I love making fires, especially when its super cold outside.
  5. The amount of snow we got was crazy! I don't remember the last time we got 10 inches of snow in Norfolk.  It wasn't the snowman building snow though.  Even though the snow is starting to be plowed, it is still so pretty!

    Ok- enough of the cold, I am ready for the summer and sand!
 Happy Friday link-up everyone!

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  1. see this is actually a 'snow day' and yes living with dogs, cant live without them but the hair is sooo frustrating.


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