Friday, January 23, 2015

5 on Friday

Joining Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha today for Friday's Favorites.  These posts have been slipping past me lately, but I'm back y'all! 

one. oils
So I've been on the fence about ordering the starter kit either of doTerra or Essential Oils.  Are they just a fad that people are in to or is it worth it? I guess I need to educate myself more, but I think they could be very useful if I knew how to use them! Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

two. love your body - tone it up
If you read yesterday's post, you know I am trying to kick up the workout/eating healthy gear.  I have been obsessed with the Love Your Body series from the ladies at Tone It Up! If you have never heard or seen these girls, you need to check them out! The workouts are hard, quick, and most of the time you can do them from home with no weights! I highly recommend them - check them out here

three. elevate

Thanks to April at A. Liz Adventures, I have been obsessed with this app. I had no idea some of the basic math skills that I am not sharp on...
just kidding.  Math has never been my strong suite, but still - this is a great app that everyone should use to keep your skills sharp!

four.  Erin Condren Planner
This is the third year in a row I have used an Erin Condren Life Planner. The past two years, I have been extremely satisfied with the durability of the planner and how perfect of a size it is for me.  This year though, I received the pretty package in the mail and when I opened it up, I was a little apprehensive about this year's planner.  One of the new features for this years life planner is removable covers that you can swap in an out if you choose.  For me, this is a drawback because I have already started to notice that the top and bottom where the cover is attached to the spirals are starting to be worn and becoming detached to the spirals.  We will have to see how the next 11 months go before I decided on the planner again for next year.  

five. heart candies
Who doesn't love a good message from the heart candies?!


  1. I want to try the oils as well. Let me now what you think. I also like Blogilates as well..

  2. I've been using Doterra oils since May and LOVE them! I actually just became a Wellness Advocate and would love to help you order! Chris used the Deep Blue lotion this season and could really tell a difference in how his arm recovered after starts, and he was a skeptic to say the least! I love diffusing lavender to help me sleep. And peppermint oil is a miracle worker for headaches. I've actually just started an essential oil routine morning and night and can already feel the difference! Sorry for the novel. Just love what they have done for my health. Email me if you want to chat more!


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