Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm Dreaming Of A ....


If you didn't sing the title of the post in a Christmas song, you are a grinch! 

Lately, I've been in a bit of a predicament.  The blog has been slacking, I have been stressing about it  and it's all because my lack of a DSLR camera.  I have been using my mom's a lot lately, but she "stole" it back from me and now I'm camera-less.  I mean I have my phone, but that doesn't do anything justice.  So right now, all I can dream about is this Canon t5 camera.  
I would be using this baby everyday if Santa brought it for me under the Christmas tree this year.  I would be able to start the 2015 year off on the right "blog"foot and capture so many more wonderful memories!

Ahh.... a girl can dream right y'all?!

Until then, or when I get mom's camera back, I guess I Will have to resort to iPhone photos!


  1. Ohh you have to get one! It has changed my life! haha not really, but pretty close!

  2. I am too! I sent Mark links of the one I love! xx

  3. I have been wanting one too. My iPhone takes decent photos but I think some pictures need (not really but it's how I justify it) a better camera.


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