Tuesday, November 25, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

So happy to be linking up with Elise and the girls again for this awesome holiday season link-up! Stockings are one of my favorite things to fill during the holidays.  Growing up our stockings were always filled with such fun things.  Everyone thought it was funny that we would get bathroom toiletries, gum, and things like that, but I really enjoyed it because I always needed those things!

Starbucks Card - should be in everyone's stocking. Perfect to crave your peppermint mocha craving!
Younique 3D Mascara - Never tested this out yet, but I have seen the results and I think this is something that I need to try.  My friend Corrin is selling them and for anyone with small or thin eyelashes, you have to try this out! It's amazing how much of a difference this mascara makes on the eyes!
Kendra Scott Elle Earrings - These earrings have been floating around blogs and Pinterest for a while now and I think they need to float right into my stockings.  The classic gold and pale pink makes for a perfect outfit topper.
Lush Bath Bombs - If you haven't tried these yet, you are seriously missing out.  They are so relaxing and make baths so much fun.  They are very affordable and I would highly recommend getting a few!
OPI Nail Polish - I have fallen off the nail polish banwagon lately, but I think that's because I have too many and need to purge some of the runny ones.  I love a good OPI nail polish in my stocking.  Especially any of the new colors that I don't have yet!
EOS Lip Balm - My new obsession.  Late to the game on this one, but these babies are perfect and feel so smooth on my lips! Stocking up in the stocking this year!
Sweaty Bands - After trying on a few different headband types, I found that the Sweaty Band is the best for my head shape and I love that they are super cute.  Perfect for working out and just wearing in general when my hair needs a little extra TLC!
Sharpie Pens - I am a pen nerd and love a go
Ferrero Rocher - never buy these other than Christmas time and they are such the perfect thing to throw in a stocking.  Buy a bag and throw a few in everyone's stocking and the Ferrero Rocher crave is fixed!

The hubs gave me an awesome Christmas list this year and here are a few of the items on his list that could potentially be stocking stuffers.

iPhone Running Arm Band - Always a good thing to have especially if we are working out.  I have to find the kind that can fit the phone with the case on it too, which I think is going to be the hard part.
Andes Candy - DJ told me that Christmas is not complete without Andes in his stocking and I think we still have some left over from last Christmas.  But I will continue to fill his stocking with them regardless!
Pocket Knife - Every man should have a pocket knife and I think this is a great stocking stuffer.  They are so handy and allow easy access to things that need cut or fixed on the spot.
Brooks Brothers Tie -  So classy and I love the maroon and baby blue on this specific one.  All guys could use a new tie here and there! 
Poopourri Trap-a-crap - Our friend on DJ's baseball team had this with him during baseball season and as gross as it is, it really does work well! Spray a few times on the toilet bowl water, do the deed, and the smell is gone! It's AWESOME!
Movie Tickets - and popcorn of course! These would be easy enough to stick in the stocking and call it a day.  We always love going to the movies and it would be nice to only pay for a drink!
Fishing Lures - Great for DJ to have while he is home in the off season and going fishing on the lake behind my parents house! Maybe one day he will catch something if I get him the right lure!! :)

Dog brush - Stryker needs a new brush. The one he uses right now I think hurts him so a new one is necessary!
Harness - We have a hard time on the leash with Stryker so hopefully with this harness, he won't pull as much. He's such a great dog, but the I me thing we need help with is walking and running on the leash. 
Tennis balls - Every dogs dream right?! I swear nothing makes our dog happier than the sight of a tennis ball. I can't wait till he sees these in there and goes nutzo. 
Dog bone - I'm not talking bones in a box. This dog is getting the biggest, best bone there is out there! For his first birthday we got him a huge bone and he was obsessed. Gonna be great to see him chew on this one!

Can't wait to see what y'all say and get some more ideas!! 


  1. A tie is always on the list for my hubby!! I love the kendra scott earrings and girl you can't go wrong with sharpies!!

  2. I can't get over how gorgeous those KS earrings are... so pretty:)

  3. Nail polish, gift cards and earings -- that's my kind of stocking! I think our men would get along great based on his stocking.

  4. Candy is always something I'm happy to give as a gift. I know everyone is trying to be healthy, well most of my friends anyway but they really appreciate something small as sweet as a gift, really makes it a treat you know? I used to give my friend Andes candy all the time !

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness


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