Monday, November 24, 2014

6 of 6 2014 Weddings: Jake and Karlyn

This weekend we celebrate our dear friends Jake and Karlyn as they got married in Richmond, VA. Now I do realize that I never did the 5 of 6 2014 wedding, but I am still planning on getting that blog post done soon! We have been friends with Jake since D.J. played baseball at JMU.  The two are lucky enough to continue their playing days together and now are together in the Indians organization.  The weekend started off great at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that The Lowery's so generously hosted at a dinner for us at the Smoketree Clubhouse which was right next to the church.  The dinner was delicious, but Jake's Nana took the cake (literally) with her homemade ice cream cake! DELICIOUS! 

After the rehersal dinner, we drove downtown to the hotel and had a few drinks before heading out to the bars.  We called it a night around 11:30 p.m. and spent the night at Conner's house.  
Saturday morning we went to breakfast with our friends Conner and Carleigh, friends from JMU, and Eric, Maria, and Sonny, friends from the Indians.  It was so fun to see our two friend groups come together and it was ever more fun to see this cute face all bundled up in his baby hat and gloves!
D.J. had to do wedding stuff starting at 11 a.m. so I spent the day hanging with Eric and Maria and baby hogging on Sonny.  We left for the church around 1 p.m. since the mass started at 2 p.m. 

Karlyn made a beautiful bride.  The mass was exactly what I expected - a Catholic Mass wedding.  Not too much you can do to make it "your own".  I really liked their priest's words to the couple and I was so honored to have been a part of that moment when they committed themselves to one another.

The cocktail hour followed from 4-5p.m. and the reception started at 5p.m.  We checked into the hotel for the night and drank a few drinks before heading down.  The guest book and gifts to the guests were so cute! How awesome is this guest book?! They will be able to frame it and put it up in their new house! I didn't get a picture of the gifts, but they were coasters with the date of the wedding.

The reception was great.  We had a blast dancing and it was so good to be around so many friends.  It's funny how the same group of friends was at our wedding and we were excited to spend the night with them! The party got a little crazy towards the end, but it was a great night with many memories made!

 Jaci and Jess - the red lips girls at the wedding! 

Can't wait to have many more pictures with this family! Love having good friends like Eric and Maria in this crazy baseball life!

And Ronnie, this photo is just for you! I know you really wanted to be featured on the blog, so I had to use the best photo showing how much you love this girl!

All the lovely ladies of the night, minus the bride of course!

And clearly you can see the party was nothing shore of amazing!

Happy marriage, Jake and Karlyn! Enjoy the beautiful island of Jamaica!  And now, the wedding season of 2014 is officially over! Next wedding - this beauty and her awesome fiance, Conner in June!

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