Thursday, November 13, 2014

Country Concert Junkie

My name is Cayte and I have an obsession with country concerts.  First step is admitting it right?!

Inside, outside, small venue, big stadiums, rain, shine - you name it, I've been to a country concert in it.  Whether with friends or family, I always have fun at a good country concert.  But there are those concerts that turn out to be not as good as I expected.  Growing up, I always asked for the Country MegaTicket pass for the summer country concerts at the Virginia Beach ampetheater.  It was perfect because the pack came with a ticket to every big name country star that was coming to town.  We even got to see all the opening acts that came with them that are now touring on their own.  

I literally just tried to write a list of all the artists that I have seen in concert and had to delete it because it was stupid long.  I am so excited to be crossing off one of my country concert bucket list items TODAY at the Georgia Theatre to see Corey Smith.  I have probably seen him a half a dozen times, but never in the Georgia Theatre.  Corey Smith is from a small town outside of Athens, GA so on a gameday weekend, this concert is going to be one for the books y'all! For now, take a look at some of my country concerts do's, don't's, and wishes!

Favorite Concerts:

The Clarks - The Jewish Mother, Norfolk, VA

Little Big Town - Virginia Beach, VA

Kenny Chesney 2008 - Virginia Beach, VA

Kenny Chesney 2011 - Virginia Beach, VA
Brad Paisley - 2012 - Evansville, IN
Montgomery Gentry at the Georgia Theatre, Phil Vassar at a small bar in Norfolk, Chase Rise (with meet and greet) at the Norva in Norfolk, and may more!

Concerts that disappointed: Toby Keith was a big disappointment and Rascal Flats doesn't do anything for me.

Want to see again: Corey Smith, Kenny (as always), Tim (duh), and I'm sure some more!

Concert bucket list:  Zac Brown Band, Corey Smith in the Georgia Theatre, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks! I'm sure I am forgetting someone, but that's it for now! 

Who is on your country concert bucket list?!

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  1. I am the same way. Florida Ga Line is coming here again and I saw them already It is killing me to not go again!

  2. I've seen Kenny more times than I care to admit :) SO glad I am not the only one who has the obsession. Who am I kidding I am just obsessed with country music period!!

  3. I didn't know you were such a Kenny fan... girl, we could talk for hours! Love him!!

  4. Carrie is for sure on my bucket list! I saw Tim and Kenny when I was younger so I wouldn't mind seeing them again :) I am obsessed with country music :)

  5. I LOVE country concerts too! I've seen way too many people to even list, but I have to say I always love Rascal Flatts.....just always have. Last year I crossed Keith Urban off my bucket list and he amazing live! Garth Brooks is number one on my concert bucket list, and I'm hoping he will come somewhere close and I can get tickets! I'd also like to see Zac Brown Band. I saw them once several years ago when they were just starting out, but I'd like to see them again now that I know their music a lot better.


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