Monday, November 17, 2014

Athens, GA Weekened Review

Another weeknd full of memories and traveling for us in the books.  This weekend we were down in Athens, GA visiting my brother and sister at college.  It couldn't have worked out more perfectly because we had no other weekends open this fall to make it down there, and it just so happened to be one of the biggest games of the season for Georgia!
We headed out of town on Thursday afternoon with my dad on a direct flight to Atlanta.  My mom was there to pick us up and we drove straight to downtown Athens for dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  We were in a rush, because the Corey Smith concert at the Georiga Theathre was starting at 9.  We got there about 30 minutes before Corey went on.  The concert was awesome!! Some of the people around us were not the best company, but hearing "Every Dawg Has Their Day" in that theat
re was so amazing.  Corey Smith is from a small town outside of Athens and he has debuted many of his songs there so it was like his "home turf".

We hit up a few bars after the concert and got back to the condo around 1:30am.  This old lady was exhausted the next morning! It was nice to have a day between the concert and gameday.  Friday we took it easy.  Julie showed me her sorority house and all the different rooms in the mansion they live in! Sorority houses are an experience in the south y'all.  A little different than the house I lived in at JMU! 

IT'S SATURDAY IN ATHENS!!!!! Mom and the boys were up early to claim our tailgating spot which was right in the middle of all the craziness.  The game was at 7:15, so we got to the tailgate around 12:00pm ready to go with tons of food and sweets! We had a great time eating, listening to music, and drinking! 

  Not a big bloody mary fan, but this set up was awesome! 
 Everyone was saying that we looked like twins at the tailgate... I think it was because of our curly hair!

Drinks on drinks on drinks!

Collegiate reunion with Meghan, Frances, Tommy, and the Merrymans! Classes ranging from 2008 to 2013! 

During the tailgate we decided to walk over to the fraterninty house that Major and the Monbacks were playing at.  Major and the Monbacks are a Norfolk, VA band that is traveling the east coast playing all types of venues.  Be on the look out for them in a town near you! Knoxville, TN - word is they are heading your way today!

After the tailgate ended, we walked down to see the Dawg Walk and to start the process of scalping tickets.   It was pretty cool to see the buses roll up bringing the team to the field!


And then DJ worked his magic and got us some resaonablly prices (for the prices that tickets were going for) tickets right on the 50 yard line!!

And then we got back to Bobby's house around 11:00 and thawed out our toes and called it a night!

Sunday we had breakfast at The Mayflower, a hole in the wall kinda place, but it was delicious! We walked around downtown for a little bit, said bye to my brother and sister then headed back to the condo to get ready to head home.  We arrived back houe around 7:30 p.m. - just in time for Sunday Night Football on the couch with the pup!

GREAT WEEKEND with family and friends! Can't wait to celebrate Jake and Karlyn's wedding - the last of 2014!!


  1. What a fun weekend getaway! Mellow Mushroom is one of our favorite places to eat when we go back home to visit. I love their food! That sucks that there were not so nice people around you at the concert, I hate that sometimes it can ruin your whole experience. Your tailgate looked so much fun :)

  2. What a fun weekend! I've never tailgated all day before like that, but looks like it would be fun!


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