Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend with the Browns

After working all last weekend for the annual Fall Fair and Homecoming weekend at the school, I finally had a weekend to relax and enjoy the fall weather.  Friday night DJ and I had a long overdue date night.  We skipped out on a dinner but we went to the movies and saw Fury.  A little violent, but with a movie about WWII, what should I have expected.  If you need a movie choice besides Gone Girl or Best of Me, I would highly reccomend Fury.  I started reading Gone Girl this weekend and I am excited to get into it some more so I can be ready to see it when it comes out on Redbox.  

Saturday morning I had my last middle school volleyball game of the season.  It was pretty exciting because we were playing the other middle school team, so the girls were playing for bragging rights! After losing the first game of three, my team came back and killed it in the last two games! GO OAKS! We made a pit stop at Walmart for pumpkins and some flowers before heading home to do some yard work before the in-laws came in town.  DJ mowed the grass while I potted the plants and picked up dog poop.  So fun right?! 
The Browns pulled up around 1:30 with Stef, Jayden, and Amy in tow.  We knew about Stef and Jayden, but they surprised us with Amy! They unpacked their stuff into the house and we sat outside all afternoon drinking, talking, and practicing our golf putting!

We decided to take them out to the oceanfront for dinner at Watermans around six. We pulled up right in time to see a beautiful sunset to the west and a pretty sky over the Atlantic. 

Dinner was to die for.  Amy, Stef, and I all got the famous orange crush for drinks and we shared a ton of different appetizers! I would have been fine with just eating that for dinner! But I decided to order the crab stuffed flounder and it was amazing.  DJ and I will be going there again soon for another date night :). Jayden had us all cracking up at dinner when he was saying "Halleboohyah" because he went to the bathroom and was a big boy!

Three generations right here y'all. Dennis in 30 years in the background (aka Dennis, my father-in-law), DJ, and our nephew Jayden. 

After dinner we stopped over at my aunts house to say hi and digest our food.  By the time we got home, everyone was tired and we watched some TV and called it a night. 
We woke up Sunday morning and Jayden was such a snuggle bug.  He came and woke up and we were singing Let it go, All about that bass, and shake it off.  Too cute. We all went to breakfast at Sandfiddler and the Browns got on the road soon after we were finished.  
I decided that my breakfast did me in and I napped from 11-2 and when I woke up we went over to my parents house and kayaked/fished for about an hour.  Nice little shoulder/abs workout! It was so peaceful just being on the water without anything to do besides paddle.  It was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. Dinner was served at my parents house later that night and DJ and I ran some errands before hand.  
All in all, another great weekend in the books.  Be on the lookout for some blog posts this week! I have been crazy busy and not setting time aside to blog or prepare for blogs, so I promise to be better this week!

Happy Monday y'all!

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