Friday, October 17, 2014

Adjusting to life with my husband home

Now that D.J. is officially in the off season, We have had a few adjustments to make since his arrival.  Even though the season ended at the beginning of September, he has been gone for the past 5 weeks and now hopefully should be home till Spring Training starts.  

Needless to say, living by yourself is one thing and having your husband home is another! Today's 5 on Friday I'm bringing you into the Brown's house to see what things I am having to adjust to with my hubby home!


one. bed space
When it's just me and Stryker at home in the  bed, we sleep so nicely together.  Sometimes he rests his head on D.J.'s pillow or is curled up in a little ball at the end of the bed.  He likes to stretch out and when it's just us it works perfectly! But when D.J. comes home, its a whole other story.  Replace the little child in the picture below with an 80 pound lab and you got yourself the image of what every night in our bed looks like! 

two. the snoring problem
If your husband doesn't snore, you are living in the fantasy world that looks like this...

If you live in my world, you probably consider this ever night....

three. bathroom sharing
In our house before D.J. left for this season, I was using the guest bathroom as my bathroom and he used the master bathroom.  Our master isn't big enough for both of us to share and plus, the guest bathroom is just prettier and much more counter space.  When he left for the season, I moved my stuff into the master so my roommates could have the guest bathroom.  Now that he's home I haven't decided if I want to switch back to the guest bathroom or stay in the master.  I love how convenient the mast is next to the room! We will see...

four. grocery store bills

Holy hell.  When D.J. is home we always have A TON more food in the house than we do if I was just shopping my myself.  Having a full grown man in the house that eats a hefty amount of food at each meal requires a lot more planning on what we will be cooking for dinner.  One of my goals this off season is to try new recipes.  I need to figure out how to cook some food for this guy of mine! 

five. two vs. one
In general, I have been used to being by myself and making my own decisions.  Now with D.J. back at home, I need to start thinking as a couple again in decisions that we make rather than just deciding what I want to do like it has been all season.  

Adjusting to life with my hubby home is always a challenge, but one that I will GLADY accept any day :)

Happy Friday y'all! 

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