Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Yea, yea, I'm short.  And I love it! I can wear heels whenever I want (even though I dont..), I can always push my way to the front of a concert, and I never have to worry about growing out of my clothes! However, there are always some things that I cannot stand about being short....especially when my husband is 6'6 and I am 5'2.

1. When we take pictures and it's a great picture of me, but DJ's head is cut off. #shortpeopleproblems

2. When I get something from the grocery store and DJ puts it away... on top of the fridge...or in a cabinet I cant' see into. #shortpeopleproblems

3. Kissing my husband is a pain in the neck. Literally. #shortpeopleproblems

4. Buying pants is always a struggle.  Either they fit in the waist and are too long or they are perfect length but wont button. #shortpeopleproblems

5. The fear of getting elbowed by someone taller than me is a constant battle. #shortpeopleproblems

6. Never being able to borrow clothes from friends because their dresses are like knee length on me. #shortpeopleproblems 

7. Unless you are in the front row, concerts are just live music - you can't see the performance. #shortpeopleproblems.

8. The drivers seat in the car can't get any closer to the steering wheel. #shortpeopleproblems.

But, you will always have plenty of room on a airplane! 

What are your #shortpeopleproblems??


  1. Haha this post makes me laugh! I'm not short, but my mom is 5'2 and I've heard her talk about some of these same things!

  2. People using you as elbow rests #shortpeopleproblems oh vey! I know them well.

  3. Haha I loveee the picture of you and your husband!

  4. This post is adorable and that picture of you and your husband is so sweet!

  5. haha I feel you! I am 5'2 and my husband is a little over 6'5. I hate when he puts things away because I can never reach them!

  6. I love that picture of you and your husband. it is too cute. i always tell people I want to be shorter but i'm 5'6.


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