Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pregnant Blog Friends

Over the past few months, a few of the blogs I read have had their first baby and there hasn't been that many bumpdates on the blogs lately!
Well, I'm sure that will be changing! TWO of my everyday reads just announced they are expecting in April!! So excited for Chelsea and Elise and to see what the next chapter holds for both of you!

On that topic ...

When D.J. and I got married people were making bets that we would be pregnant before our first anniversary, and I am happy to say I BEAT THE ODDS! We are happy to announce that we are NOT pregnant :).  For all those people who bet we would be, here's to proving you wrong! Love ya, but not quite yet people!!

For now, we will continue to blog about our crazy baseball life, home improvements, and our fun, CHILDLESS life!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thank you sweet friend! And I know what you mean! We waited over three years after getting married to get pregnant, and the constant nagging/questions from relatives on when we would have babies started right around the beginning of year two. Nobody knew how to talk about anything else lol! Congrats on beating the odds! :)

  2. You are the sweetest! Your joy and excitement mean the world!!!!! xx

  3. Awww love this shout out! And I hear you... we've been married for 4 and 1/2 years and still not quite there in the baby department, but are thinking towards that direction sometime soon. I feel that it's super important to enjoy each other and just being married for a few years before adding kids to the mix because life changes so much when they come into play :-P

  4. I agree!! Several of the blogs I read have had babies in the past 6 months, and several more have announced their pregnancy recently. It gives me baby fever a little :)

  5. We beat the odds too. We have been married almost 4 years.


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