Friday, October 3, 2014

Anniversary Trip: Update

Beware: Bummer alert ahead.

Remember when we were planning to go to San Diego for our anniversary? Yea well, baseball called and we ended up cancelling our trip.  I tried to reschedule but I couldn't get myself to spend the extra money to change the flights and additiona money the hotels were going to cost at the new time we were looking at going.  Our fall schedule was already sooo booked up so trying to reschedule was giving me a minor panic attack.  No, seriously, ask D.J, I was getting so flustered and it wasn't worth it.  I just wanted to be with D.J. for our anniverary and create another memory in a new city. 

Well lucky enough, we live in a pretty awesome area.  When we first went over to the Eastern Shore for Ansley & Chris' wedding, we fell in love with the area.  Cape Charles is such a hidden gem over there.  Beautiful beaches, quaint little town, and delicious sea food.  Although we were a little preoccupied the one weekened we were there, we both knew we wnted to go back at some point. 

Cue anniversary trip plan B.

I AM SO EXCITED TO BE HEADING OVER TO CAPE CHARLES, VA! The area is stunning and this time I am looking forward to taking in what the town has to offer.  Time to start doing my research on things to do! Be on the lookout in a few weeks with some of my favorite must-see's when we go on our mini vacation!


  1. So glad y'all found a great Plan B. That picture is gorgeous! Oh baseball!

  2. Shame your first plan didn't work out, but you're going to have SO much fun in Cape Charles!!


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