Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#baseballwifelife: What I've Learned This Baseball Season

With the second full season in the books, I have had some time to reflect on what I've learned this baseball season.  Every day I am at the ball park I learn something new about baseball, but what I'm talking about is things I've learned that have helped me get through the season living away from my husband.

| one | take advantage of location
I was so lucky this season to have had D.J. on a team only two and a half hours away.  The teams they played were all relatively close as well. I was able to visit the team on the road when they played the Potomac Nationals, Winston-Salem Dash, and Myrtle Beach Pelicans. 4/8 of the teams in the league I'd say is a pretty good accomplishment for a wife that doesn't travel! Being able to see each other as much as we did really made the season go by a lot faster.  It was nice not having to make a count down till when we saw each other next.  The Carolina Mudcats are the only team that the Indians have that is not in Ohio, so I know this is only temporary, but I made sure to make the most out of the situation while we have it.  I may have spent crazy amounts on gas, gotten a flat tire, and used a lot of vacation days on Friday's, but it was worth it!

| two | live in the moment
This has always been one of my biggest struggles.  I always seem to think about the future or when I am going to travel during the season, but this season I felt like it was different.  Being that I was there at least half of the home weekend series, living in the moment was easy.  I got to live in the lifestyle I would be if I traveled full time.  I had to remind myself that on my visits, I couldn't treat them like a vacation.  I went to the gym, I cooked meals (this one was a little interesting considering the lack of kitchen items they had), I did everything the same that I would do if I was at home.  Being able to live in the moment is so crucial to the success and happiness of yourself and your husband.  I found that the more I talked about the future and next season, it was making D.J. stressed and just taking a toll on our relationship.  I mean what's the point of thinking about the future when baseball could be over tomorrow? Anything can happen to make someones baseball career end. 

| three | DJ is not the GM
This season seemed to bring about a lot of questions.  From information on the Rule 5 draft to when players will get moved up or down, I had lots of question for D.J.  It ended up being super annoying for him and resulted in comments like "hmm Cayte, I don't know, let me call the GM and ask him what he things".  I had to remember that D.J. is not all-knowing and things are so unpredictable in baseball.  We thought for sure that certain players would have been moved up during the season, but never got moved.  At the same time, people I didn't think would move got moved.  So what I learned from this it to just accept how things are and not try and read the minds of the coaches and the decision makers.

| four | everyone is at different stages
Being friends with so many different baseball wife, fiances, and girlfriends has really allowed me to see full picture.  I was able to meet ladies that husbands have been in the pros forever and ladies who just joined the baseball world! And as great as it is to share stories, sometimes it's hard to relate because of the point your man is at in his career.  Not everyone signed for the same amount, not every guy has to pay a rent, and not every organization is the same.

What did you learn about yourself, baseball, your relationship this season baseball ladies?!

Here's to the next five months being somewhat baseball free! 


  1. I love this list! Definitely have learned that everyone is at different stages and it is best just to realize that is okay. I also love the live in the moment lesson. Definitely something I struggled with our first season. It made life much more enjoyable when I finally learned that! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love this list. It's so much fun for me to read how the wives feel. I try to find the girlfriends or wives here in WV, b/c I know it can be scary going to a new place and not knowing anyone. Plus I get what they are going through to some extent. Feel free to vent or ask me a million questions b/c I've either asked them or had to answer them.


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