Thursday, May 1, 2014

#baseballwifelife: First Full Month

Today marks the first full month down of the 2014 season! Although its not exactly the amount of games we were supposed to play because of rain-outs, we are still sitting at a 12-10 record as of now! Thankfully for us, nothing crazy has happened.  But with the way that minor league baseball works, that isn't the case for everyone.  The first few days of the season, two people on the team were put on the DL and then a few weeks later Dylan broke his fibula. To add to the craziness of the first full month, Jake got hit with a ball in the face and now has a broken face. 
Baseball season has a way of bringing everyone together.  We have seen my family, D.J.'s family, friends we met in St. Lucia, friends from college, and more! We are happy that D.J. is having a great start and continuing to do well, but pray those who are hurt get better fast and those in a slump find a way to turn it around!

Promotions, demotions, injuries; you never know what baseball season is going to bring. Yesterday morning, I woke up to a text from one of our friends (in a different organization) saying that they had been released.  I haven't had this experience yet, so I didn't know the appropriate things to say.  People have been cut from D.J.'s team before, but I wasn't personally friends with them.  This is different. This sweet, kind, caring, dedicated husband and wife's world just got thrown upside-down.  He is now unemployed.  This lifestyle is not glamorous and this is a perfect example of my point. Please remember that although D.J. and all of the guys in the MiLB have an awesome job doing what they love, it is STILL his job.  I recently read this article about playing basketball overseas, and I think it is very appropriate for the MiLB life as well. Just like a "normal" job, he can be fired.  However if you are sick, too bad.  If you want a day off, that doesn't happen.  You want to explore the city you are traveling in, don't even think about it. Trying to plan a vacation in the off-season? Yea right. I have said it before, but this life does not lend itself well to being a planner!

Anyways, the first full month has been pretty awesome for us, but not everyone is able to say that.  I am happy to say that as one month passes, another month comes and we only have to keep going.  More games, more pitches, more trips, more potential game-changing experiences.

Hope you all are enjoying baseball season as much as I am!

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  1. Being a professional athlete while glorious in sound, does have its own inherent down side. Tell DJ to always remember to love the little things about the game.. that's what will get him through when the realization of the "job" hits


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