Monday, April 14, 2014

#baseballwifelife vs. Potomac Nationals

Baseball weekend #2 was typical baseball weather! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and it honestly couldn't have been better! After work on Friday, I drove up to Woodbridge, VA to see the boys take on the Potomac Nationals.  I got there a few minutes into the 2nd inning since traffic getting out of Hampton Roads is so terrible. D.J.'s mom, dad, two sisters, and uncle were all at Friday's game.  The game ended late, so they headed back to Fredericksburg and D.J. and I went back to the hotel and called it a night. 

The breakfast on Saturday morning at the hotel was awesome.  Waffle with some fruit and a blueberry muffin! For a hotel, it was a really nice breakfast. He had a meeting in the morning so I hit the hotel gym for a quick workout.  The team had to be at the field at 2:30 so we decided to grab lunch at Chick-Fil-A across the street.  It was so crowded that they had to have a police man directing traffic! We ended up taking it back to the hotel to eat since there were no tables open.  I took D.J. to the field and went back to the hotel to shower and get ready.  Since I had a lot of time to kill, I went back to the parking lot, took my blanket out to the grass and read my book.  For all you Divergent fans out there, I completely understand the obsession! I cannot put the book down! I could have sat outside and read the entire book instead of going into the game, but obviously I didn't.  I have found that having a good book to read makes the time that he has to be at the field go by faster.  Clearly I will be on to the next book in the trilogy by the end of next weekend.
Saturday's game was eventful to say the least.  Not necessarily on the pitching side of things, but I am pretty sure D.J. had more fans at that game then he will have at any other game this season.  The list of people that were there is a little crazy, so try and keep up.

  • Sandra and Dennis (my in-laws)
  • Stef, James, and Jayden (D.J.'s sister)
  • Amy and Brian (D.J.'s sister)
  • Ashton and Josh (Brian's sister and fiance)
  • Chili and his family (Brian's football friend)
  • Kendall and Brad (my big and her husband)
  • Ricky and Marie (friends we met in St. Lucia)
So in total, we had 17 people and an almost three year old in the D.J. Brown fan club.  It was a little exhausting, but it was nice to see everyone! D.J. ended up not going in on Saturday which was unfortunate for all the fans.  After taking a billion photos...

we grabbed a late night snack at Ruby Tuesdays after with Kendall and Brad and went back and fell asleep.  

Sunday morning I drove D.J. to the field at 9 and ran a few errands for him after.  I went back to the hotel, ate breakfast, packed up my stuff, showered, and went back out to the field to read before the game! (I know, I'm a nerd!) The fan club was big again today with the entire family there.  There was a pretty good chance that D.J. would come out of the pen today for some inning in relief.  In the first inning, when our good friend Dylan headed out to the mound, he ended up hurting his ankle.  Long story behind this, but unfortunately, Dylan was not able to play and had to leave the field on crutches.

So when they called down to the bullpen and did the "tall pitcher" signal, D.J. was caught extremely off guard and was headed in for his first start of the season!!

Beware... pitcher picture overload beginning in

Offense was on fire this game! Jeremy Lucas with the grandslam in the 2nd inning!

The game was great and we got the win 12-2 and D.J. picked up his first win with the Carolina Mudcats! With the open spot in the starting rotation, I am happy to announce that D.J. will now be a starting pitcher!!

At the end of the game, he signed some autographs, took a billion more pictures, and then we headed back to Red Lobster! I got on the road to head home around 7 and made it back at 10:15 because of tunnel work and a lane's never ending with traffic in this area.  Before I left, we sat and just relaxed for a few minutes and had some time to ourselves. Since we know when D.J. is playing next, I will be heading down to Carolina on Thursday after my workout class with Stryker boy for the Easter weekend. Happy baseball everyone!


  1. Congrats to D.J. getting to start and getting his first win! Too bad that the other player got hurt, but it's a great opportunity for him :)

  2. I am obsessed with the Divergent series as well. I read them during all of my free time during Spring Training! So glad the season is going well for ya'll!

  3. Woohoo for his first win!!

    I'm sure it was also enjoyable to have some extra company for the game -- minus the fact that it cut into your book reading time ;)

  4. I really wanted to go one of the games this weekend since Cleveland is one of the teams I follow. My favorite player was in the bullpen a few years ago and I continued to follow them after he left. Glad to see D.J won!!


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