Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend in Carolina

I had high hopes for the Easter weekend, but when it started out with a flat tire on my way to Carolina, I was a little concerned on how the rest of the weekend would go.  We had decided that I would bring Stryker down to NC this weekend with me so I was on the side of the road, reading my owners manual, trying to hold Stryker on the leash.  It was a disaster. Anyways, a sweet old man stopped and helped me put the spare on and I was on my way.  With over 100 miles still to go, I got nervous and decided to call AAA to tow me the rest of the way.  By this time it was about 7:45 p.m. and the lady at AAA told me the wait time would be over an hour.  I decided to test my luck and drive the rest of the way on the spare.  It was a little nerve-racking but I made it safe and sound and even saw the end of the game Thursday since it went into extra innings.

Friday I went to get my tired patched up and it was only $36! I love going to places that don't try to sell me stuff.  It's so annoying when those places try and sell me stuff and I don't even know what they are talking about.  D.J. took Stryker to play while I was doing that.  Everyone was coming to town on Friday since it was D.J's day to pitch! His parents, my parents, Nana, Julie, and Jack to be exact! I dropped him off at the stadium and everyone else got in around 5 p.m. for the 7 p.m. game.  We tired Stryker out and put him in the car (don't worry, he loves to sleep in the car, the windows were down and I checked on him every few innings and played with him!)
D.J. had a great game! 6 IP, 4 H, 1 R, and 3 SO turning out a 1.50 ERA.  He was pretty happy with how he did so it was a good night! We went to dinner with my parents and sister after the game and then went back to the apartment after to hang out.

Saturday's game was cancelled due to rain so I was able to have a date night with two of my favorite guys, D.J. and Dylan! We went out to the movies to see Divergent (!!!!!!) in the North Hills area! I will for sure be going back to that area during the day to explore the outdoor mall they have!

Easter Sunday was not like any other Easter I have ever experienced.  No family, no Easter egg hunt, no Easter egg coloring, and as much as I hate to say it, no church either :(.  Although we didn't do any of the typical stuff, the Easter bunny still did manage to make it to Knightdale, NC! 

The boys had to be at the field early so when they left I took Stryker out to play and went up the Planet Fitness.  Dylan had to be at the airport at 2 p.m. so I dropped him off and went to the field.  Stryker and I played for a few minutes before I went in the stadium.  The pitching coaches son was there and he was so entertaining.  Sometimes the games get boring and a little kid is the best way to pass the time! We played catch with the ball, I bounced him on my lap, and we even walked around the stadium a little bit! After the game, we went Downtown Raleigh to Mellow Mushroom for our Easter Sunday dinner! We explored NC State a little bit and even saw a circus show! On the way home we stopped by Lizard Lick Towing and it was the highlight of the whole weekend for D.J.!

We got up early on Monday and I was on the road home by 10 a.m.  I spent all day yesterday unpacking, catching up on shows, and getting the house ready for my friends to move in for the summer! Oh, and I came home to a broken heater.  Although I started and ended the weekend on crappy notes, everything else was awesome!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!


  1. I'm so sorry about your flat tire! Yay for a date night! Glad you made it back safely! :o)

  2. Ha, I used to work and do promotions for the Mudcats, 12 years ago. We live about 15 minutes away in Wake Forest but I can't even remember the last time I went to a game! North Hills is fantastic!


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