Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Leibster Award

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Many of you may have heard of, or been presented with the Liebster award.
For the unaware, this award are exclusively for blogs with fewer than 1000 followers. The award is a way of making connections with other people and blogs, a way of discovering new content! I mean, who doesn't want to find new friends and great new blogs who you may never had found otherwise?

The rules are:
Write 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions submitted by the blogger who nominated you
Choose 11 bloggers for the award
Write 11 new questions for them to answer
Let the nominees know that they've been nominated 

11 random facts about me

one. I used to live in Japan.
two. I took my maiden name as my middle name when I got married.
three. I am a very picky eater.  Like, I just started eating hamburgers a few years ago.
four. I am a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority.
five. My husband is a professional baseball player and we spend half of the year living apart.
six. We closed on the purchase of our first home two days after we got married.
seven. I have always had at least one dog since I was born.
eight. I will always bleed purple and gold.  Go JMU Dukes!
nine. I took piano for over 12 years.
ten. My first job ever was babysitting and still do it to this day.
eleven. I played volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading in high school.

11 questions from Katherine:

1. What is your hobby? I honestly couldn't tell you a hobby I have. Watching baseball?! Guess that by default.  

2. How is your blogging experience? So far so good.  It's always a work in progress but I think that I am doing all the right steps to growing my blog!

3. What clothing brand do you like the most and why? I don't have a favorite clothing brand. I always choose Nike, OPI, and JCrew. 

4. What is your favorite animal? Dog.

5. What is the most exciting/interesting thing that happened to your life? Besides marrying my best friend, the most interesting thing that has happened in my life is moving to Japan.  My mom is retired Navy so we lived there for 2 years from 2000-2002.  

6. What's your favorite book? I love all the Nicholas Sparks books, Hunger Games trilogy, and Divergent trilogy. So far this year I have read 4 books so I will let you know as the list goes on what becomes my favorite!

7. What tv/anime series do you watch? Currently been loving Nashville, Greys, The Blacklist, and The Voice.  I used to be a huge lover of One Tree Hill and own all of the seasons!

8. Plains or patterns? I am more of a plain with stripes kinda girl.  I love color blocking on a shirt.  Now looking at my wardrobe, I guess I should invest in some patterns.

9. How tall are you? This little shorty stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall! I'm short and I'm proud of it!

10. Blonde, brunette, red or ebony haired? Blondes do it best.

11. What is your job? I work at a private high school doing Alumni Relations.  It just so happens that this is where I went to school, so it all works out nicely! 

11 Bloggers for the Liebster Award:

Meagan at Beautiful Things
Bailley at Lew Party of 2
Chelsea at The Perfect Catch
Rachel at Makeshift Munch
Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh
Katie at Sweet Pea's
Katherine at The Newsom's Nest

11 Questions for you to answer
*give a little detail on each one!*

1. Nike or Adidas?
2. OPI or Essie?
3. Moe's or Chipotle?
4. Straight or Curly hair?
5. East or West coast?
6. College sports or Professional Sports?
7. Necklace or Bracelet?
8. Pencil or Pen?
9. Instagram or Twitter?
10. Treadmill or Elliptical?
11. Ice Cream Cake, Cookie Cake, or Cupcakes?

Thanks so much Katherine for nominating me! This was so fun and I am excited to see if any of the people I nominated fill it out as well!


  1. Thanks for nominating me! I didn't know you lived in Japan?! So cool! I will have to pick your brain about what it was like to live there since that's an option for us down the road!



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