Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#baseballwifelife: "that" time of the month

With the month winding down, tons of baseball ladies are saying to each other it’s that "time of the month".  Yes we are moody and we get headaches and although we are happy to see it come, we never look forward to it.  Most women (and even men) would assume that I am referring to starting my period.  Nope, not that time of the month- spring training camp is getting ready to end!  Talking to lots of other baseball wives, I can speak for all of us that we are excited the time is here, but it brings out so much anxiety and lots of not knowing in the next few days.  We knew coming into it that only God knows where the next move is going to be, so we try to be calm and let whatever comes our way hit us so we can take our base.
I am in this Facebook group titled "MiLB Wives and Girlfriends", and over the past few days there have been countless posts about living suggestions all across the country.  Even though I am not traveling with D.J. this season, whatever team he makes when ST breaks will make a big impact on our lives.  A 2.5 hour drive to North Carolina is a helluva (go UVA!) lot closer than driving up north to Ohio. 

We have all come to a time in our life when everyone

asks us "that" question.  When you are a senior in high school the question is "have you decided where you are going to college?" In college it turns to "have you chose a major yet?" Come senior year, it's "do you have a job lined up after graduation?" For baseball ladies the question throughout March is always "does he know where he is going to be playing this season?" We have a lot of those questions.  But to make the answer short, NO, we are not 100% sure where he will be. We have ideas and hopes of where, but that's the beauty of it all.  Fellow blogger and baseball wife Chelsea posted something that struck a chord with me a few days ago. Be joyful.  There are plenty of things in this situation that can bring us down.  Bad outings, the unknown, releases...lots of things can impact how the next 6 months pan out.  If you look too much into those things, you will lose precious moments that you will never get back.  As a wife that does not travel with my husband, I am going to focus this season on really being thankful for the opportunity and being joyful of what baseball has brought to our lives. 

Sending all my positive thoughts and prayers from Virginia to all the players and their families that are getting ready to break from Arizona and Florida this weekend.  In a few days we will all be able to answer that question and the month of March will officially be over. 


  1. So needed this today. I teared up while reading it. It is such an overwhelming time and I needed the reminder to Be Joyful! There is so much to be thankful for in the midst of chaos! Thanks for this!

  2. Wishing you the best during this new season!

    I can imagine it would be difficult at times - I would hate for my husband to be constantly traveling. I'd miss him too much!


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