Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday!

Excited to link up with the ladies this Friday! This weekend my family is heading up to Blacksburg to watch UGA LAX take on Pitt and Virginia Tech.  Since I already have committed to something on Sunday, I decided to stay home and take care of the dogs and I am so excited I did because the weather is going to be great! 

If you missed my post on the Top 10 Things to do in Hampton Roads, take a few minutes to check it out! Lots of great things to do if you are coming to the area soon!


one. essie "DJ play that song"
Something about this color really brings out the spring in me! I typically am an OPI lover, but some of the essie colors I just can't say no to. Especially if the title is DJ play that song!

two. taxes
HALLELUJAH! Our taxes are done! If it wasn't for my awesome co-worker Jon, D.J. and I would be screwed! Trying to file taxes in Arizona, Ohio, and Virginia with the purchase of a house and a new last name thrown into the mix got super tricky.  I am so thankful they are done and Jon was able to help us!  Thanks to his expertise, we will be getting a nice refund this year! Looks like I will be doing lots of babysitting for him!

three. catch 31 and new friends
When I was on the plane to AZ, the lady that was next to me asked where I was from because I said the word "y'all".  Long story short, her daughter who is 24 is moving to Virginia Beach this weekend! We have been and touch and they were so sweet to invite me to dinner at Catch 31 on Saturday! I am SO EXCITED to meet a new friend my age and introduce them to the area! 
four. march maddness
In case you care, here is my bracket! I have always loved college basketball and making a bracket is always a must! So far I am 13/16!

five. t-shirt quilt
My very talented Nana has put so many hours of love into this t-shirt quilt that she made me. I am so excited to have something that she hand made for me with so many great memories in every single t-shirt. She made sure to make the quilt long enough for D.J! How sweet! I will be doing a post next week on special shirts that are in the quilt!

Happy Friday everyone! Update- 13 days till MiLB Opening Day!!


  1. love the t-shirt quilt. ugh taxes, yeah we still haven't done our's i bought a house before we were married last year, he owns a small business EEK im afraid we'll get hit not helped

  2. Found your blog thanks to the link up. Its so nice to stumble across a blog from someone else in Hampton Roads. Catch 31 is a favorite of mine for sure. Have fun and have a great weekend!


  3. DJ Play That Song is one of my favorite Essie colors (which is saying something cause I have a million of them). Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm typically an OPI lover, too, but that nail polish is the perfect color for Spring! :)

  5. That t-shirt quilt is so sweet...such a great way to preserve fantastic memories!

  6. What a cute blog!!!!! New follower


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