Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home Improvement Week 2: American Flag Glass Art

For Christmas, I got this beautiful piece of artwork from Sandfiddler.  We saw it when we went there for breakfast one day and I mentioned how much I loved it to D.J.  Later that day, he went back and found out it had been sold a while back, but the person that bought it never picked it up! The owner ended up selling it to D.J. for $50! 
We all know how much I love anything American themed so I was so surprised when I saw it by the Christmas tree in the morning! In an old window frame, pieces of glass was put together to create an American Flag.

Now the hard part--deciding where to put it.
 Ideally, I would have loved if light could be shining through the back, but we don't have windows the same size as the frame it is in so that idea was out. Our living room walls were pretty much taken.  Looking in the kitchen, I decided we needed to put it in there.  

So over the weekend, Dad came over to help D.J. find the studs and put it up.  The first way we had it up looked messy.  The chain that was attached to hold it up looked cheap.  So we took of the chain, moved the eylets in and hung it back up to see how it looked.

Perfect. Job completed! Now all I need to do is find something to go on the sides to make it look finished!

View of the kitchen standing by the stove

You can see where the eyelets used to be and how we ended up hanging it up!

View of the kitchen standing close to the dining room!
Check back next week to see what we have in store for our next Home Improvement Blog!


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