Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was full of love and new traditions for us!  Since this was our first Christmas married, we did Christmas Eve Mass and Dinner with my family.  Church was scheduled to start at 4:00 but really started whenever it was full (which ended up being at 3:30!) After that we went home, took out Stryker and then we went over to Pappy and Bull's for Christmas Eve dinner.  It was different this year because none of her grandkids were there. It was full of neighbors and friends while we had delicious food, tasty punch, and a great celebrate of Christmas. 

Christmas morning was the first new tradition that we started.  Since this was our first Christmas in our new home and as a married couple, we woke up in our own house! I know, it sounds so simple, but it was different for both of our families since we were not waking up at our families house.  Santa came and gave us our stockings and then D.J. and I opened up the gifts from each other around 7:15.  After that, we went over to my families house and did Christmas with them.  Santa was extra generous this year and gave us some awesome gifts.  Nana, Anne, and Dave were there too as we opened up all our gifts.
Around 11 am. we went out to my cousins house to see what they got from Santa.  Seeing their little faces when they showed us what Santa brought was so awesome.  This year, giving gifts to D.J. was just so much fun.  Knowing that I am making him happy and giving him things that he needs makes me feel so happy! I loved being Santa for D.J., but I know being Santa for a little one is going to be so much fun!
Later that day, we decided to head up the road to D.J.'s families house as we surprised his family.  They were SHOCKED! We weren't supposed to head to see them until the 26th, but we thought it would be fun to go up early. We spent the weekend outside at the park, going to town, and just enjoying some family and friends at the annual Brown Holiday Christmas Party! Here is our weekend in pictures!

Stryker was so good with Myla!

Christmas this year was great and I loved being around so much family and friends.  Can't wait to ring in the New Year! 

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