Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The countdown is getting low everyone! Only 10 more days till I become Mrs. Cayte Merryman Brown! The past month has literally flown by and became so hectic I had no time to blog.  So many different things are going on in our life so I will give you updates one at time.. Here we go!

1. The Wedding
Planning is going well.  A few hiccups with the hair and make up, but I think we have that all figured out now! Everything for the reception is ready to go and all the vendors have been contacted and are confirmed! The dress fittings went PERFECTLY! I cannot wait till you all see this beautiful gown.  It is stunning! Rehearsal Dinner is going to be beautiful! Yummy food is going to be delicious! Hopefully everything is going to be lovely and I cannot wait to celebrate the big day.  As long as D.J. is there to say "I do", then it will be perfect. :)

Besides MY wedding, we also got to spend the weekend of Sept 7th celebrating the start of a new life for Ansley and Chris Curtis!!! We spent the weekend up in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore.  It was a perfect weekend.  Beautiful wedding, weather, and delicious drinks and dancing!

2. The House
YES- The house!! D.J. and I bought a house! So much has been done since we first bought it.  Since it was a foreclosure, the AC was stolen along with the copper pipes for the plumbing.  Thank goodness I know a pretty good plumber. :)  We also had my uncle resand and restain the hardwood floors.  We put on a new roof and new paint! A new garage door was put in outside and a new fence aroudn the back yard! D.J. was home for a week so he was able to see the house before they started to paint.  He also accomplished a huge task of re-screening the screened in porch! So much has been going on over there.  My grandmother has been LOVING it! She goes over almost daily to clean the floors or bathroom or anything else she sees on her "to-do" list that she needs to accomplish.  At least it is giving her something to do and gets her out of her house! After the wedding we will move everything over there.  I have started to move some stuff, but its a work in progress! Oh- and we got an early wedding presents from The Browns-- A grill!!


3. The Off Season
... oh wait, there is barely an off season. #MiLBlifestlye.  D.J. was home from Sept 4th till Sept 15th.  He got asked to go out to Arizona for Instructs but is only going to be ale to stay for 10 days because of the wedding.  Even though its a good thing to get called out there, I really could have used him at home this week! The wedding is getting so close and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my baseball star! Hopefully one day we will be blogging from Cleveland!!


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