Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog with the Browns

Ok so I know its not official yet, but I wanted to update my blog since my traveling with AST is over and needed a new name! After deciding between "Brown Chick wow wow" and " A New Brown in Town" I went with Blogging with the Browns! The past few months have been busy! I finished traveling in May and spent a few days at JMU to see some friends graduate, then I headed home.  A few days later I went to go get the first (and only for a while) addition to me and D.J.'s little family, Stryker! He has literally been a great dog so far! He is already 5 months old!
Julie graduated at the end of May and then the next weekend we had my Bachelorette Party! It was a blast.  We spent the whole week in the OBX and then friends came down on Friday to celebrate. After that my weekends were spent working Festevents and visiting D.J. I got to go up a few time and spend about a week each time there.  He is up in Ohio with the Lake County Captains and has been there since the beginning of May. We also celebrated the birth of our little neice Myla! She is super cute :)

July 1st I started my new job at Norfolk Collegiate School.  I am the Alumni Relations Coordinator and so far I am loving it! I plan to coach volleyball in the fall and cannot wait.  The first week was awesome since it was July 4th.. We had off that Thursday and Friday so it was a 3 day work week!  July 4th weekend we went up to our Camp house in PA and got to enjoy some family time.  We drove over to D.J.'s game on Saturday just for the day.  Mom had her 50th birthday and we celebrated at Chicks and had all the puppies back over for a play date! This past weekend we celebrate one of the bride-to-be Ansley at her bachelorette party and bridal shower! It was a blast :)

I promise this blog is going to stay more up to date and I will try and do it every 2 weeks! Cant wait for what this next year holds for me and DJ!

Counting down till the off season and wedding season!!


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