Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Family Photos

Two weekends ago, we got together with the amazing Meghan Ippoliti Photography for an amazing family photo session! We took these beauties at 88th street at the oceanfront. I knew I wanted to get photos around this time of the year for Christmas cards, but these are so much more than pictures for a Christmas card for us.  They are memories saves in hard copy.  I cannot get enough of these photos and cannot wait to print them and get them up in the house. Here are some of our favorites...

Harrison Cole at 7 months old.

It's hard having a 7 month old and a solid marriage.  I strive to make our marriage a priority every day and show D.J. that.  I hope that over the next few months he is home for the off season we can continue to grow in love for one another and show Harrison what it means to not only be mommy and daddy, but husband and wife.


  1. These are fantastic!!! I can't believe how big your little man is getting.


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